Zoning Regulations

The purpose of enforcing Zoning Regulation, is to achieve balanced land use and ensure high quality of life and good health .
With this basic objective in mind, Srinagar Metropolitan Area has been devided in to various use zones such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Public and Semi-Public, Recretional, Transport and Communication, Agricultural etc. Salient proposals of Master Plan and inter-relationship of functional units of different areas, provision of Community facilities and physical infrastructure and balancing of the socio-economic activities are all based on these zones.
In these regulations, unless the content otherwise requires,
Zone means anyone of the divisions in which Local Area is divided for purpose of development.
Use Zone means an area of anyone of the specific dominant uses of urban functions namely Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Administrative, Public and Semi public, Recreational, Transport and communication, Agricultural etc.
Use Premises. means one of the many sub divisions of a Use Zone, designated at the time of preparation of a layout plan, for a specific main use or activity.
Layout Plan means a detailed sub division plan indicating mode of arrangement and sizes of all use premises.
Plan means a map or a drawing illustrating a scheme and the boundaries of an area to which such a scheme is meant to apply. Layout means arrangement according to a plan.
Floor Space Index (F.S.I) means Floor Area divided by plot Area. Floor Area Ratio (F.A.R) means Floor Area x 100
Plot Area.
Floor Area for purposes of both F.S.I. and F.A.R. means plinth Area in all floors of the building.
Ground Coverage means land area covered by the building.
Provision regarding requirements in Use Zones
A. Density, Ground Coverage, Floor Area Ratio, Set backs and other requirements of Use Zones.
The density shown in the land use plan for a particular area shall be followed in layout plans for the area, provided that the Competent Authority may, till such time as the Zonal Development Plans are finalized, approve individual layouts, so as t achieve the overall density prescribed for the areas.
Community facilities should be planned on the basis of actual gross density achieved or that prescribed for the Residential Planning Area, which ever is higher, applying the interpolation method for calculating various areas. In calculating gross residential density shown in the Land Use Plan, all land meant for community facilities (Local shopping, neighborhood parks, local open spaces, playgrounds and tot lots; high schools, primary and nursery schools and other community facilities and residential streets upto 40 feet/12 Mts. right-of-way should be included. The actual determination of the community facilities will depend upon the size of the given layout in acres or hectares, and the overall population it is to contain.
In calculating gross residential density, the area of land for the following items should be excluded:­ Major roads of 45 feet or more, which are shown in the land use plan.
Open spaces including land under agriculture, semi public recreation, regional and district parks, large playgrounds. green linkages, and water bodies as shown in the land use plan;
All the non-residential areas i.e, commercial areas, e.g, business district, district and sub district centers, warehouses. wholesale markets, offices, industrial areas and public and semi public facilities (e.g. College, research and cultural institutions, hospitals, public utilities, and installations) as shown in the land use plan;
Transport Terminals local and inter state bus and truck terminals and their depots, the Airport and the extensive parking areas as shown in the land use plan;
All historical buildings and monuments, burial and cremation grounds and existing places of worship.
Irrespective of the actual number of servants quarters for purposes of the density calculations in considering layout plans. The number of servant quarters in various sizes of plots will be reckoned as under:
a) Plot upto 300 sq. yards                                                           Nil
b) Plots above 300 sq. yards and not
exceeding 600 sq. yards                                                               One servant’s quarter/dwelling unit
c) Plots 600 sq.yards and not exceeding 1200 sq.yard         Two servant’s quarter/dwelling unit
d) Plots above 1200 sq. yards                                                     Three servant’s quarter per dwelling unit.
Note: i) Each servant quarter shall comprise one habitable room of area not more than 120 sq. feet floor area, exclusive of cooking verandah, bath room and lavatory.
ii) The number of persons per servant’s quarter will be reckoned as five.
iii) The number of persons per servant quarter will be reckoned the same as the number of floors permissible plus the number of servant’s quarters as mentioned above.
These conditions will not apply to “Group Housing”. Good planning practice for designs of residential area should
include :-
i) Light and air in the buildings.
ii) Protection against noise, dust and local hazards; iii) Open space for various family needs;
iii) Easy circulation and access, safety from accidents; v) As far as possible regular shape of plots and
vi) A logical arrangement of residential plots by sizes and Shapes.
The translation of these requirements into actual planning practice would vary with design relations and density patterns
B. Individual plots:
(Row houses, detached and Semi-detached houses)
a)  Minimum Floor Space I
The minimum size of an individual residential plot for a two storeyed two family dwelling should be III sq. yards.
b)  Plot coverage
The coverage shall be as follows:
Plots                                                                            Coverage on each floor.
i.          Upto 300 sq. yards                                                                       60%
ii.          Above 300 sq.yards and not exceeding 600 sq. yards.         45%
iii.         Above 600 sq. yards and not exceeding 1200 sq. yards        35%
iv.         Above 1200 sq. yards. 30%
In areas of slums excluding their clearance areas, the ground coverage and floor space index shall be permitted up to 75% and 2.15 respectively.
C.    Floors
In individuals residential plots, normally only two storeyed buildings with attic may be allowed. In individual plots exceeding 200 sq. yards, a two storied buildings raised on stilts may be permitted, provided the enclosed area on the ground floor does not exceed 30% of the permissible covered area on the first floor. In individual plots of 300 sq.yards and above which face roads with a right of way of 50 ft and above full three storeyed construction with an attic floor may be allowed”.
D.   Frontage of Plots
Each individual plot should provide a minimum frontage of 20 feet on the access road. The ratio of depth and should normally range between 3.0,2.0, 1.5 is to 1.0, (for row housing frontage of plots may be reduced upto 11 feet per plot)
E. Set back lines
The following set back lines are prescribed depending upon the depth of plot for individual plots.
(i) Front Set Back
Depth of plot                                                 Minimum set  back required from plot line
Upto 60 feet                                                                    10 feet
Above 60 feet and not exceeding 90 feet                       15 feet
Above 90 feet and not exceeding 120 feet                     20feet
Above 120 feet and not exceeding 150 feet                   25 feet
Above 15 a feet and not exceeding 200 feet                  30 feet
Above 200 feet                                                           40 feet
Note: Where a plot abuts any road shown in the land use plan, the front set back line shall not encroach upon either the building lines prescribed under this Master Plan or under the prevention of Ribbon Development Act.
ii) Rear set back
Besides the front set back should also be provided at the rear of the plots subject to the compulsory condition described ut-infra
iii) Side set back
Side set backs of at least 10 feet from plot line on each side should be left on detached plots set back on one side should be  atleast 10`.0“from the plot line to the building line. For row housing, corner plots should be suitably set back from the road right -of-way, according to traffic requirements.
Where any plot holder has opened windows, doors, opening or directed roof slopes, outlets, drains, or projected eves or any kind of structure on the adjacent land or property over which the plot holder had no title, the adjacent plot holder on . whose land or property such unauthorized openings or projections have been made, shall not be debarred from raising his building abutting close by the side of the existing and no set back shall be required to be given on that sides.
Compulsory condition
Rear and side set-backs of any building in any plot shall be so provided/designed as not to deprive the adjacent plots/ buildings from the sunlight for the whole day all through. Side set backs of la/feet (minimum) each shall therefore be provided on east and north sides of the plot for a two storey building. But if the height of the building is permitted more than two storeys, set backs on east and north sides shall not be less than half the height of the eave/edge of the roof from the ground level. In case in any of the adjacent plots on east and north sides, there exists a building with blind facade abutting the plot in question, only 5 feet set back shall be necessary for having openings or eave projections of the building on these two sides. In case the plot is facing north or east side, front set back prescribed loco-citato shall be applied.
Ground coverage and floor space index and height of Residential buildings.
Gross Residential                   Maximum ground            Maximum F. S.1.            Maximum height from
density (persons per acre)        coverage in %                                               ground level to ridge
top or parapet whichever is higher.
60                                                           25                                           0.75                        28
75                                                           30                                           1.25                        37
100                                                         35                                           1.25                        37
125                                                         35                                           1.25                        37
150                                                         40                                           1.50                        55
200                                                         50                                           1.50                        55
Orientation of  Houses
n consideration with sunlight, direction and velocity of wind and humidity of the place in summer and the winter months, the plots in the housing layout plans should be so designed as to allow large number of houses to face towards south east between 1500 and 1600 from the north.
Also in the individual house plots, said orientation of houses should, as far as possible, be adopted, in order to provide adequate sunlight to houses and obviate the difficulties caused by high humidity, changing wind directions and wind velocities in different months of the year,
Agricultural Use zones and Agricultural Belt
I n order to preserve agricultural zones from onslaught of urbanization following restrictions are imposed :-
I.          No dwelling unit or shop or factory or any kind of structure other than fencing or a         walling (6.0“ high max.) shall be permitted for a depth of 150 ft. from the centre of any   major road, district road or highway, This will not apply to such roads, building lines of       which are specified in this Master Plan.
II.         The existing village lying outside the outer ring road will not be allowed to expand.
III.       In any residential plot of villages falling outside the Ring Road, the ground area covered under main building and accessary buildings, if any, shall not exceed 30% for the plot    size of 1/2 kanal and 25% for the plot having an area between 1/2 kanal and one   kanal and 20% for the plot of one kanal area and above.
The height of any structure shall not exceed 37ft. measured from ground level to topmost           ridge of the roof. Minimum yard and set-back limits for individuals plots in such villages    shall be as follows:-
Size of plot                                            Front                Rear                 Side
1/2 KanaI.                                                  15                     10                     10
Between 1/2 Kanal and one Kanal       20                     10                     10
1 Kanal and above                                  25                     10                      10
For group housing around an open space and for terrace housing in such villages the side set back shall not be applicable provide that easement rights of any adjacent plot holder are not encroached upon.
Government office in planning areas ‘C’ and *’D’
F.S.I       = 0.5 to 1.5
Maximum ground coverage including 5% for covered parking    = 30%
All other District Centres F.S.I.                                     = 0.5 to 1
Maximum ground coverage including 5% for covered parking     = 25%
Commercial and retail buildings
(a) In existing built up areas of the city these shall have F.S.I. as follows :-
Ground coverage                       Floor space index
60% maximum                                  1.2
50%                                                     1.5
45%                                                     1.8
35%                                                     2.1
The height of the building will be subject to air and light planes as conditions by Municipal bye-laws. In District centres and Residential planning Area Centres of Planning Division ‘B’. ‘D’. ‘E’. ‘F’, ‘G’, ‘I-!’, ‘I’. T, ‘K’, ‘L’, ‘M’ and ‘N’ the commercial and retail buildings shall lie within 40% Ground Coverage and 1 to 1.5 Floor space index.
Note:-   1. Competent Authority may relax any of the above limitation on the merits of the individuals case.
2. Linear shops single storey in height may be permitted by the competent Authority on roads below 45′ -0 wide, provided that
a)   The right of way as prescribed under the chapter on Traffic and Transportation is first ensured and
b)   Ground coverage and F.S.I. of all the structures in the plot do not exceed the limits prescribed above.
In the case of roads 45ft to 68ft wide, shops (single storey) shall be retired  6`-0` beyond right-of-way so that a lay-bye is provided on the front side.
Minimum set back for commercial Buildings
For plots fronting 100 to 120 feet            For plots fronting 80 f1. wide
Roads                                                   roads and less.
Front                50 feet                          40 feet
Rear                 20 feet                          20 feet
Sides                  15feet                                     15 feet
* However, the FSI & ground coverage for Dood Ganga from Rambagh to Chattabal will be 1.2 and 25%) respectively.
i.          Floor Space Index                     =                      1
ii.          Maximum Ground Coverage      =                      50%
iii.         SET BACKS.
a.         For plot below ¼ acre  b)   For plots ¼ to 1 acre.                        C)  For Plots above 1 acre
Front    15 feet                          25 feet                          50 feet
Rear     15 feet                          15 feet                          25 feet
Sides    Optional                        15 feet                          15 feet
Special consideration for F.S.I. Coverage, setbacks, parking etc. will be specified for special trades like grains, oil, timber and other building materials.
F.S.I                                         1
Sides                                        50%
Minimum Set Backs
Front                                        25 feet
Rear                                         15 feet
Sides                                        15 feet
In existing built up areas and Residential Area Centres and all the centres of Planning Divisions B to N. Hotel buildings are classed as commercial and Retail buildings for purposes of Ground Coverage and bulk, save those as proposed in zones C-11, C-15, C-22, C-24 and Hotel complex proposed in I-4,J-6,N-3 and zones stated ut-supra shall be built within the minimum requirements of design and accomodation specified here-in-after with a Ground Coverage of 30% and F.S.I. of 1.2. The height of any part of the building block/blocks shall not exceed 50 feet measured from ground level to ridge top of the roof. The floor space in attic floor, if any, shall be added to the floor area for calculation of floor space index.
Minimum Set Back Area      Front Yard measured from edge       Rear       Set backs on both sides      Remarks
of proposed right of way
Zone C-11                                           75 ft.                                                    25 ft                             15ft
Zone C-15                                           75 ft.                                                    25 ft                             15ft
Zone C – 22                                        75 ft.                                                    25ft                              15ft
Zone C-24                                           85 ft.                                                    25 ft                             15ft
(175 ft. from outer parapet on lake side.)
Zone B-10                                           75 ft.                                                    25*ft                             15 ft
*(100 min. from Nagin lake front if rear side  façade lies towards lake.)
Hotels in Zones I J N shall be of special type, highly aesthetic with a ground coverage of25%, floor area ratio of60 and height not exceeding 30 ft from ground level to ridge top. Set backs shall, however, be same as indicated for zones C-ll, C-15 and C-22 above.
In rear yards and side set backs, building block of single storey height incidental to main use of the hotel building may be permitted on special appeal by the Development Authority or Competent Authority without affecting landscaping and aesthetics or rear or side yards.
a) Overall layout or the building block/blocks in a plot shall be such as to provide for adequate landscaping around.
b) The building block/blocks shall be so balanced so as to appear aesthetic both on the exterior and interior sides.
c) Internal layout of main rooms, passages, service rooms and stair cases should be functional and efficient.
d) Every lettable bed room shall have a bath room attached. The plan of bath rooms shall show fixture points for hot and
cold water showers, wash basins, towel rod, looking glass and hangers.
e’) Lettable bed rooms shall be not less than 120 sq.ft in areas with built in wardrobes. where moveable cup boards are to
be provided the area of the bed room shall not be less than 140 sq.f1. The bed room shall invariably be provided with electric points, fan and heater points.
f) Every hotel shall have :-
i. Parking space for cars @ one car space of 180 sq. ft. for 5 lettable bed rooms.
ii. A lounge not less than 180 sq. ft.
iii A reception cum information counter of not less than 48 sq.ft.
iv. One store room of not less than 80 sq. ft. for every 10 lettable bed rooms for linen/blankets/towels etc.
v. One dinning room of not less than 3 00 sq. ft. provided with two number wash basins at suitable places.
vi. One kitchen of not less than 120 sq. ft.
vii. One pantry of not less than 60 sq.ft.
Motels ; is a road side hotel providing accomodations to motorists and their vehicles. Therefore construction of motels could be permitted subject to following regulations by the competent Authority along National High way, State High ways and District roads beyond the proposed motor way and outer most Rjng Roads proposed in this Master Plan. Parking space of 50 sq. metres for every 200 sq. metre of plot area and installation / provision of a petrol pump should be ensured before the Construction is permitted.
a) Minimum plot area                          =           0.50 acre
b) Maximum ground coverage              =          30% of the plot area.
c) Floor area ratio                              =           60.
Set Backs:
i.          Front                                       =          100 ft. from  the proposed right of way of the highway.
ii.         Rear                                         =          20 ft.
iii.        Sides                                        =          15 ft. (minimum)
Industries and Manufacturing :
(a)       Industrial-cum-work centre.
(In District Centres and in outlying areas)
Minimum plot area                            —          2 Kanals
Maximum coverage                          —          33-1/3%
Floor Space Index                             —          1.2
The minimum number of floor allowed is two.
Minimum set backs
Front                                             —          25 feet
Rear                                              —          25 feet
Side                                               —          15 feet
Special Industry
Minimum Plot Area                           —          1 acre
Maximum Coverage                          —          15 %
Maximum Height                              —          40  feet
Floor Space Index                            —          0.25
Front                                              –          50 feet
Rear                                               —          25 feet
Sides                                              —          15 feet
©         Light Industries
Minimum Plot Areas                         —          400 sq yards
Minimum frontage                           —          30 feet
Maximum Plot Area                          —          2 acres (may  be relaxed in special case upto 7 acres)
The following sliding scale  of coverage  and floor  area ratio is prescribed.
Plot Area in Acres                                         Maximum Plot Coverage      F.S.I
1.         400 sq. yds to 1.00 acre              —      50%                             0.6
2.         Above 1.oo acre to 3.00 acres      —      40%                             0.6
3.         Above 3.00 acres to 7.00 acres     —      40%                             0.5
Minimum Set Backs:
(For plots below 0.25 acre)              (For Plots above                   (For Plots above
0.25 acre to 1 acre)               one acre)
Front               15 feet                        20 feet                                    50 feet
Rear                15 feet                        15 feet                                    30 feet
Sides              optional                      15 feet on one side and       20 feet
10 feet on  other side
d)         Service Industries
Same regulations as for light Industries.
e)         Extensive Industries
The following sliding scale coverage and floor space index is prescribed.
Plot area in acre                    max. Plot Coverage              F.S.I
1.         0.25 to 1.00                      50 %                           0.50
2.         Above 1.00 to 3.00            45%                            0.45
3.         Above 3.00 to 7.00            40%                            0.40
4.         Above 7.00                        30%                            0.30
Minimum Set Back
For Plot Size up to 1 acre                For Plot Size above 1 acre
Front                           20 ft.                                             50 ft.
Rear                            15 ft.                                             30 ft.
Sides                           15 ft. on one side                            20 ft.
& 10 ft. on the other
Institutional Uses*
For Plot size upto 2 acre                  For plot size above 2 acre
Maximum Coverage
Including covered parks       33-1/3%                                  25%
* F.S.I will be determined on the merits of individual  case  depending upon the location and the nature of use.