Works Committee

The works Committee of the Srinagar Development Authority was constituted in the year 1998,vide Order No.SDA/VC/203 of 1998 dated;23-03-1998 to ensure effective  implementation of the Works Programme of the Organization and its monitoring /supervision by a Competitive body. However the said order has been modified vide Order No.SDA/VC/397 dated;28-03-2011 because some Members of the said Committee have either been re-designated or abolished, therefore the revival of the Works Committee became  immenent to be made as per the present dispensation. Now,  the Works Committee of the SDA has been revived and shall be comprised upon of the following officers as members of the said Committee.

1 Vice Chairman/Chairperson,SDA Chairman
2  Director, land Management,SDA  Member
3  Senior Town Planner  Member
4  Secretary,SDA  Member
5  Financial Advisor/CAO,SDA  Member
6  Ex. Engineer,SDA  Member