Winner Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

WINNER is one of the most popular bands in the South Korean region. In 2013, the band was formed by YG Entertainment and it was made through Mnet’s survival program WIN: Who is Next. Hence, this lead to their debut on the 17th of August in 2014 with their studio album 2014S/S. initially, there were five Winner members in the band, however, Taehyun left the band in 2016 November claiming that he need to take care of his mental health.

One of the brightest factors of this band is that they are known to be the ‘self-producing’ band where all the members are actively engaged in exercising roles ranging from producing to choreographing to marketing and even designing. Some of the renowned titles that the brand has earned in these years are said to be ‘Kings of Summer’, and ‘Trust and Listen’.

Winner Members Age, Birthday, Height, Weight and Zodiac sign

Winner Members Name

Winner Members Birthday

Winner Members Age

Winner Members Height

Winner Members Weight

Winner Members Zodiac Sign


26th September 1991 32 177 CM (5’10”) 58 KG Libra


11th January 1992 31 185 CM (6’1”) 65 KG Capricorn


30th March 1993 30 181 CM (5’11”) 63 KG Aries


21st January 1994 29 180 CM (5’11’) 58 KG Aquarius

Winner Members Kpop Profile

winner members

Detailed information about the winner kpop group has been mentioned below:-


Mino’s birth name is Song Min Ho and in the band, he plays the role of the face of the group, the main rapper as well as the vocalist of the group. He was born in Yongin of South Korea on the 1993 30th of March. Mino is an Aries and his height and weight are 182 cm and 57 kg respectively. In terms of his initial, he majorly began his career as an underground rapper who went by the name ‘Hugeboy Mino’. He also worked with people such as P.P., Block B’s Zico, and such.


The birth name of this band member is Kim Jin Woo he shoulders the responsibility of a visual as well as of a lead vocalist in the group. Jinu was born in Imjado of South Korea and he was born in 1991 on the 26th of September. Furthermore, his zodiac sign is Libra. Apart from this, in the case of his physical standards, he stands a solid 177 cm tall and weighs somewhere around 58 kg. He has been trained for five years and was also a backup dancer at the 2011 YG Family.


This winner kpop member’s full name is Lee Seung Hoon and is the vocalist, lead rapper as well as a main dancer of the band. Apart from this, he is a Capricorn who was born on 1992 11th of January in South Korea’s Busan. Moreover, his weight is around 65 kg and his height is somewhere around 185 cm. though he was born in Busan, later he moved to Seoul where he auditioned for ‘Korea’s Got Talent’ where he was a member of the group ‘Honest Boys’.


His birth name is Kang Seung Yoon he plays the role of the main vocalist, leader as well as maknae of the group. His hometown is in South Korea’s Busan as he was born there. His zodiac sign is Aquarius and was born in 1994 on the 21st of January. In terms of his personal information, he weighs somewhere around 58 kg and his height ranges from 180 cm approximately. Initially, he made a solo debut in 2013 if 13th July when he managed to take his song ‘It Rains’ to the top spot on many charts. Also, he has fluency in both English and Japanese.

Winner’s former member

The name of the former member of the Winner kpop is Taehyun and detailed information about him is mentioned below;-


Taehyun was the maknae and the main vocalist of the group who was born in 1994 on the 10th of May. Although this ex-winner kpop’s stage name is Taehyun, however, his birth name is Nam Tae Hyun and he was born in Hanam of South Korea. His zodiac sign is Taurus. Tehyun’s height ranges somewhere around 180 cm, however, there is no information available about his weight. In terms of his initial career, his recruitment to YG Entertainment was made through a private audition in the year 2011.


One of the renowned achievements of the band is that, in the year 2019, Winner managed to be in the Billboard World Album Chart through their debut album that was known as 2014 S/S. apart from this, the band also managed to top the domestic charts on Gaon for not only their album but also their lead single was named ‘Empty’.

Ever since the band came into action, they have hosted more than 100 concerts. Their first-ever world tour was named the Winner Everywhere Tour and it was hosted in the year 2018. This specific tour has been labeled as the band’s largest tour ever to date. The band has been actively endorsing deals such as Kiehl’s, Adidas, and more. Apart from this, Winner has a fair contribution to social activities as the band has been participating in charitable activities, animal campaigns, and more.

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