Wifi Authentication Error? – 4 Ways to Solve Authentication Error!

Trying to connect with the internet through a WiFi network, but failing with an error? The WiFi authentication problem is an error many internet users face very often even if they are using the right username and password. This is not a serious issue. It happens many times even if you have connected with the same Wi-Fi network in the past. Most of the time, this issue isn’t very serious and can be fixed with ease.

Today, through this piece of information, we shall learn about WiFi authentication error, the reason why it keeps coming again and again, and the solution to it.

What does an authentication problem mean?

Internet is becoming a necessity. More and more people are getting connected to it through WiFi connections. And for getting connected with the WiFi connection, a particular username and password are used. However, many times while connecting to the Wi-Fi, an error might appear. This is termed a WiFi network error.

An authentication problem or WiFi authentication error basically means an unsuccessful connection with the WiFi. This error also occurs even if the correct username and password are used for connecting to the WiFi network. After connecting to the WiFi network, the username and password get automatically saved and when one connects in the future, it gets mechanically connected. But if the device fails to get connected to the WiFi Network it is termed an authentication error.

Why do I keep getting authentication errors?

Getting authentication errors is generally quite normal. This error occurs when one tries to connect to a similar WiFi network again. Or when one tries to connect to any new WiFi network due to a rickety connection. Or even when various network issues hinder your connection to the particular WiFi network.

How to fix Wifi authentication errors?

Whether it is the first time you are trying to get connected with a network, or you are trying to get connected to an old previously connected WiFi or wireless network, authentication problem WiFi is sure to hinder your connection.

Here are the different ways of resolving the authentication error.

wifi authentication error

#1 Use the Forget Network Option

Before going for resetting the network connection, there is an easy solution to get rid of the authentication error. And that is the forget network option. Here is how you can use this option to solve authentication errors.

  • Open the Settings option on your mobile device.
  • Select the option WiFi.
  • Check for the connected networks under WiFi.
  • Select the WiFi connection network you are willing to remove.
  • Click on the option WiFi.
  • Select the option Forget Network.

Once this is done, you can reconnect to the same network again. This time it would get connected and will work too.

#2 Reset Network Settings

The next option in the list is the Reset network settings option. This option is selected when an issue is observed in the current wireless network setting. Here are the steps you need to follow for the process.

  • Open your phone and go to the Settings option.
  • Select the option Backup and Reset.
  • Give a click on the option Reset network settings.

Once you select this option, the network settings would automatically get reset.

#3 Change the network

If your Android phone still fails to connect to the WiFi connection, you can try another method of forcing the Android phone for using a static or still IP address. Generally, Android phones use a dynamic IP address when connecting to any WiFi connection which is the default and most common one. Here are the steps to select a DHCP IP address instead of a Static one.

  • Go to your Settings option on your Android phone.
  • Select the WiFi Settings option.
  • Choose the network option by tapping and holding the settings icon.
  • Select the option Advanced or Modify this network depending on your Android phone.
  • Search for the option DHCP.
  • Select the DHCP option from the menu and select the option Static.

Once you select the option, give a click on the save option. Your Android phone is now using the Static IP address for connecting to any WiFi network.

#4 Restart the WiFi Router

If both the above-mentioned options fail, it is time to work on your WiFi router. All you need to do is restart the WiFi router by turning it off and starting it again. If the problem still exists, you need to contact the WiFi supplier for further assistance.


Many times people are not aware of the reason behind such authentication issues. And hence, they fail to adopt any solution for the same. But through this piece of information, we have discussed all the possible solutions to the authentication errors. Hope they are helpful to you. However, if the issue still persists, make sure you reach for a tech guy for having the right solution.

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