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The Srinagar Development Authority was constituted under section 3 of Jammu and Kashmir Development Act, 1970, ( enforced in the whole of the State w.e.f. 31st  October, 1970 by Notification S.R.O 518 dated 31-10-1970), the Local Area delineated vide SRO 43 dated 2nd February, 1971 for the purpose of this Act formed the area of jurisdiction under the Authority. First Master Plan of said Local area was approved by Government and notified vide SRO 754 dated 22nd November, 1976. The second Master Plan (2000-2021) has been presently under operation and implementation which stands approved by Govt. vide Cabinet Decision No. 11/1 dated 16-01-2003 and notified vide SRO-28 dated 30th January, 2003.