Vodafone Loan Number – Vodafone Data Loan Code

Vodafone is among the prevalent telecom service providers that come with a strong user base. If you are using a Vodafone SIM card, there are various Vodafone USSD codes that would be helpful in serving you with various Vodafone benefits. And one of the popular USSD code that is ruling the Vodafone market is the Vodafone loan number.

But what is this Vodafone USSD code used for? If you are also stuck with such questions, here are the answers to all such questions moving in your mind.

What is the Vodafone Loan USSD code?

Have you ever heard from your friends about Chota Credit? Vodafone Chota Credit or Vodafone loan number are the same things. Vodafone Chota Credit is nothing but a loan service provided by Vodafone. Through this service, the Vodafone users can avail for emergency credit. However, it should be noted that this service can only be used by the Vodafone Prepaid SIM card holders.

How to take a loan from Vodafone?

The VI or Vodafone users when run out of their actual account balance, they can ask for a talk time on credit from Vodafone. For using the Vodafone loan services, here are the steps the customer needs to follow.

  • Take your phone and open the dialling application.
  • Type the Vodafone loan code that is *199*3*5# using the dialling app.
  • Apart from this USSD Code, the customers can also send a new message that is “CREDIT” and send it to a toll-free number 144 for obtaining the credit or loan for talk time.

On dialling this code, you shall receive particular instructions in the form of an SMS from Vodafone. Next, you simply need to follow the instructions and have the loan on your mobile.

However, under any circumstances, if the code doesn’t work, there is yet another way of obtaining the loan from Vodafone. For this, the customer needs to open the messaging app on their mobile phone and type a message “Credit” and send it to the number 144. Once you have sent this message, the company will again send you some instructions to follow and you shall get your credit or loan.

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What are the criteria for obtaining a loan from Vodafone?

After learning about the process of obtaining a credit loan, you might be thinking that obtaining the loan is very easy, right! But that’s not the fact. There are certain criteria the Vodafone customer needs to meet for obtaining the credit or loan. The criteria include:

  • The Vodafone loan number is an emergency service that is available only for Vodafone Prepaid users. Hence, before obtaining the credit, it is important that you should be using a Prepaid SIM card from Vodafone. Hence, if you are a Post-paid user, you can not avail this service or benefit
  • Again, simply being a prepaid user isn’t enough for obtaining the credit. The prepaid users of Vodafone need to be using the SIM card for more than 90 days. Hence, if you haven’t completed three months of using your prepaid SIM card, you cannot avail this credit service
  • Next, if the user has already used the credit in the past and hasn’t paid off the loan, he/she wouldn’t be able to use the credit facility. The customer needs to first pay off any credit or loan of the past before using the credit or loan service again
  • The customer who takes the loan would be charged Rs.2 at the time of recovering the emergency credit Talktime balance and Rs.1 at the time of recovering the internet balance

Hence, before using these Vodafone loan number facilities, the customer needs to fulfil all the above-mentioned requirements before using the credit code.

Vodafone loan code for 10 rupees

Just like Airtel Gives Rs.10 loans, Vodafone also provides its users with an Rs.10 loan at the time of emergency. For obtaining the Vodafone loan of Rs.10, the customers need to simply follow the steps provided above for obtaining credit. Once they send an SMS for credit, they shall receive Rs.10 loan in their registered mobile number.

How to take credit from Vodafone?

Are you a Vodafone user and looking for some emergency help regarding your mobile balance? When such situation arrives, you can simply go for Vodafone credit by sending a message on Vodafone credit number. The Vodafone user needs to send a USSD code to Vodafone for receiving the loan. For this, the customers need to type a message *199*3*5# and send it to 144.

Can I borrow internet loan from Vodafone?

To your surprise, there is Vodafone data loan available for the internet users on Vodafone. For obtaining the internet data credit, the customers need to send a USSD code to Vodafone. Simply open your message application on your phone and type the USSD code ‘ICREDIT’ and send it to the toll-free number 144. Once you send the SMS, you are sure to receive data loan from Vodafone.

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