TXT Members Age, Birthday, Height and Zodiac Sign – Detail Profile

The famous TXT band Together X Tomorrow is quite famous in these current times. The debut era of the band is 14th March 2019. The dynamic South Korean entertainment company, Big Hit Entertainment formed the group where the band debuted with their mini-album known as ‘ The Dream Chapter: STAR’. Thus, in the case of TXT, k-pop can reach the audience on a global basis. In terms of TXT members, the band consists of five of them who are Taehyun, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, HueningKai, and Soobin.

TXT Members: The Debut year

The band TXT or Tomorrow X Together debuted in 2019, March 14. Their album debuted exactly on the Gaon Album Chart along with the Billboard World Albums Chart. It successfully managed to reach number 140 on the US Billboard 200 thus making it the highest-charting debut album by any of the male K-pop bands of that time.

txt members

TxT members Debut date
Soobin 13th January 2019
Yeonjun 10th January 2019
Taehyun 17th January 2019
Beomgyu 20th January 2019
Huening Kai 15th January 2019

TXT Members Age and Height

In terms of TXT members’ ages, the following are the band members’ age from oldest to youngest. The TXT Members birthday is also jotted down below:

  • Yeonjun– 13th September 1999 (Age-24)
  • Soobin– 5th December 2000 (Age-23)
  • Beomgyu– 13th March 2001 (Age- 22)
  • Taehyun– 5th February 2002 (Age-21)
  • Huening Kai– 14th August, 2002 (Age-21)

In the band of TXT, the height of the members are as follows:

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TXT Members profile – Real Name, Zodiac Sign & Nationality

TXT Member Name Real Name Zodiac Sign Birthday & Age Height
Soobin Choi Soo Bin Sagittarius 5th December 2000 (Age-21) 185 cm (6.06 ft)
Yeonjun Choi Yeon Jun Virgo 13th September 1999 (Age-22) 181.5 cm (5.95 ft)
Beomgyu Choi Beom Gyu Pisces 13th March 2001 (Age- 21) 180 cm (5.90 ft)
Taehyun Kang Tae Hyun Aquarius 5th February 2002 (Age-20) 177 cm (5.8 ft)
Huening Kai Kai Kamal Huening Leo 14th August 2002 (Age-19) 183 cm (6 ft)

#1 Soobin

TXT soobin’s full name is Choi Subin and he is the leader, rapper, and vocalist of the band. The TXT Soobin height is 185 cm. Soobin was the second member of the band that was introduced besides being the second oldest band member.

During his audition time, this band member revealed that he was nervous and shivering which just after the audition made him feel better, Soobin ate five ice creams. After that, he decided to send his audition tape over the mail. As a result, that mail worked out for him for good.

Stage Name Soobin
Real name Choi Soo Bin
Position Leader, dancer, rapper, and the vocalist
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Nationality Korean

#2 Yeonjun

Yeonjun’s full name is Choi Yeon Joon. In the band, he is a dancer, rapper as well as a vocalist. He was the foremost member who was announced as a member of TXT. Besides this, Yeonjun is also the oldest member of the group. Apart from singing, Yeonjun shows exemplary dance skills. Although he is Korean, he has very fluent English-speaking skills as he grew up in an elementary school in the United States. This is why every time the band has something of a message that needs to be delivered on the international platform, it is Yeonjun who shoulders the responsibility of delivering the message.

Stage name Yeonjun
Real name Choi Yeon Jun
Position Rapper, Dancer, and vocalist
Zodiac sign Virgo
Nationality Korean

 #3 Beomgyu

The full name of this member is Choi Beomgyu and was the fifth member of the band whose introduction was revealed. The txt Beomgyu was cast on the very interesting ground when he was asked by Big Hit Entertainment to appear for the audition but failed to do so because of his exams. Thus, to audition for him, the agency took off to Daegu and finalized him. Beomgyu also excels in playing guitar and used his very talent to audition for Big Hit Entertainment.

Stage name Beomgyu
Real name Choi Beom Gyu
Position Vocalist, Dancer, visual, rapper, and center
Zodiac sign Pisces
Nationality Korean

#4 Taehyun

Taehyun, txt’s fourth member real name is Kang Taehyun. In his childhood days, Taehyun appeared in various commercials. An interesting fact is that Taehyun and Beomgyu went to the same school and it has been anticipated that they will continue going to the same school together.

Stage name Taehyun
Real name Kang Tae Hyun
Position Rapper, dancer, and vocalist
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Nationality Korean

#5 Huening Kai

The txt Huening Kai’s full name is Kai Kamal Huening and was the third member of the band who was revealed to the world. He is the vocalist and the youngest member of the group. In terms of language, the artist is fluent in both English and Korean. Furthermore, he has a knack for playing instruments and can easily play guitar, drums, and piano.

Stage name Huening Kai
Real name Kai Kamal Huening
Position Maknae, Visual, dancer, rapper, and vocalist
Zodiac sign Leo

Thus, this are ever that is needed to know regarding the TXT band. Although it is a brand-new band, it had managed to attract a lot of audiences across the countries.

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