TWICE Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

Twice or TWICE is one of the popular South Korean pop groups that came into existence in the year 2015. The group was formed through the reality show Sixteen by JYP Entertainment. There are a total number of 9 members in the group, and it was Park Jin Young who named the group TWICE. The TWICE members names are Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Mina, Jihyo, Sana, Momo, Jeongyeon, and Nayeon. The main reason behind naming the group TWICE was because the group members would once reach the heart of the listeners through their ears and another time through their eyes.

Are you also a huge fan of the TWICE group, its music, and band members? If yes, this piece of information is going to fascinate you. Let’s learn about the age, birthday, height, and weight of the TWICE members.

TWICE Members Age, Height, Weight, And Birthday

TWICE members Name

Age (in years)





26 February 1, 1997 162 CM 56 KG


28 September 22, 1995 163 CM 47 KG


27 November 1, 1996 169 CM 49 KG


27 November 9, 1996 167 CM 48 KG


27 December 29, 1996 168 CM 47 KG


26 March 24, 1997 163 CM 46 KG


25 May 28, 1998 165 CM 49 KG


24 April 23, 1999 163 CM 46 KG


24 June 14, 1999 170 CM 48 KG

How old is TWICE?

TWICE is a group that came into existence on 20th October 2015. There are in total 9 members in the group. And here is a brief list of the TWICE members age and birthdates. Jihyo was born on 1st February 1997, and hence, her age is 26 years. Nayeon was born on 22nd September 1995 and is 28 years old currently. Jeongyeon was born on 1st November 1996, and her age is 27 years old. Momo was born on 9th November 1996, and her age is 27 years. Sana was born on 29th December 1996, and hence her age is also 27 years. Mina was born on 24th March 1997, and her age is 26 years old. On the other hand, Dahyun was born on 28th May 1998, and her age is 25 years. Chaeyoung was born on 23rd April 1999 and her age is 24 years currently. Lastly, Tzuyu was born on 14th June 1999 and her age is also 24 years.

When did TWICE debut?

As per the TWICE profile, the group made its debut on 20th October 2015. They formed their group during the survival show produced by JYP Entertainment, named Sixteen. The group was named TWICE by the leader of the group Jihyo. As per her, the group was named TWICE which means the group would win the hearts of the listeners two times. Once when they listen to their music and the other time when they watch them performing.

How much is Jihyo height?

The TWICE kpop stars come with different height and weight. Here is a list of the height and weight of the group members. The height and weight of Nayeon are 164 cm while its weight is 47 kgs. The Jeongyeon twice height is 169cm while her weight is 50 kgs. The Jihyo height is 162cm and her weight is 56 kgs. The Momo height and weight are 167 cm and 48 kgs respectively. The TWICE members height of Sana is 168cms while her weight is 48kgs. The height of Mina is 163 cm while her weight is 46 kgs. Dahyun height is 165 cm and her weight is 48.9 kgs. The height and weight of Tzuyu are 170 cm and 48 kgs respectively. Lastly, Chaeyoung comes with a height of 163cm and her weight is 48kgs.

twice members

How tall is Chaeyoung?

Chaeyoung is the eight-member of the TWICE group. She is the main rapper and the vocalist too. Her birth name is Son Chae Young. Chaeyoung height is 163 cm which is around 5.4 inches.

TWICE is emerging as a popular group in the musical world. No doubt, the group is termed to be a South Korean girl’s group, all the members of the group aren’t from South Korea or even from Korea. A group is a multi-ethnic group in which three members are Japanese, one member is Taiwanese, and the rest five members are from Korea. All the members share nearly the same height, weight, age, and even complexion. The group is welcomed by every listener, however, as per the fans, Nayeon is termed to be the rudest member of the group. She has been accused of having a bad attitude toward other members of the group by her fans. In fact, some people have also created videos and GIFs to reveal her actual side to the fans.

As per the latest news, Jeongyeon has taken a break from the activities carried out by the TWICE group. On 17th October 2020, she announced her break due to health issues. It is believed that Jeongyeon is suffering from anxiety and tension due to which she has missed the luncheon of the next Korean album. However, on 21st January 2021, she made her comeback by attending the 30th Seoul Music Awards. While she was away, the group performed with eight member’s system.

So, there were some interesting details about the TWICE members. Every member of the group is unique and occupies a special place in the group. By focusing on their strengths individually, the group is progressing to the next level.

How many members in TWICE Kpop Group?

There are total 9 Members (All girls) in Twice Kpop Group.

What are the names of TWICE group members?

The 9 members name from Twice Kpop Group are Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Mina, Jihyo, Sana, Momo, Jeongyeon, and Nayeon.

When did Twice Group Started?

The Twice Group came into existance (debute) on 20th October, 2015.

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