Tempest Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

Tempest is one of the most popular South Korean bands that function under Yuehua Entertainment. The reason behind naming the team so is to symbolize the strong storm. This simply means that the team members want to convey the message that with their great music and energy they will sweep the music industry. In terms of the Tempest profile, there are a total number of seven tempest members whose names are Taerae, Hanbin Hyuk, Eunchan, Hyeongseop, Hwarang, and LEW.

Tempest Members Age, Birthday, Height, Weight and Zodiac sign

Tempest Members Name

Tempest Members Birthday

Tempest Members Age

Tempest Members Height

Tempest Members Weight

Tempest Members Zodiac Sign

Hanbin 10th January 1998 25 176 CM (5’9”) 56 KG Capricorn
Hyungseop 9th August 1999 24 174 CM (5’9”) 58 KG Leo
Hyuk 17th April 2000 23 175 CM (5’9”) 65 KG Aries
Eunchan 27th February 2001 22 187 CM (6’2”) 60 KG Pisces
Lew 5th April 2001 22 171 CM (5’7”) 55 KG Aries
Hwarang 23rd April 2001 22 182 CM (5’12”) 61 KG Taurus


9th May 2002 21 181 CM (5’11”) 65 KG Taurus

Tempest Members Kpop Profiles 

Tempest Members

Detailed information about the tempest members is mentioned below:-


He is one of the tempest kpop members who is the dancer as well as the vocalist of the group. His zodiac sign is Leo and was born in 1999 on the 9th of August. His birthplace is Icheon, Gyeonggi South Korea, in terms of physical conditions, he weighs around 58 kg and his height is 174 cm. one of the previous professional achievements of this band member includes him being a contestant in Produce 101 S2. He also appeared on Naver TV in 2017 through the show Mischievous Detectives.


Eunchan’s full birth name is Choi Byeong-seop he is the vocalist of the group. He was born on 27th February 2001 in South Korea’s Ansan, Gyeonggi-do. His zodiac sign is Pisces. Furthermore, his blood type is B. His weight is 60 kg and in terms of his height, he is 187 cm tall. He is known to be the tallest among his other fellow team members.


The full name of Hanbin is Ngo Ngo Hung and he is the lead dancer as well as the lead vocalist of the group. He was born in 1998 on the 19th of January in Vietnam’s Yen Bai. He is a Capricorn whose height and weight are 176 cm and unavailable respectively. His blood type is said to be A. in terms of his achievements, he is a proud founder as well as the leader of CAC which is a dance group in the year 2016-2019. His stage name, Hanbin came to be known as such while he was in CAC.


One of the tempest members of K-pop who shoulders the role of the main vocalist of the group is Hyuk. Although his stage name is Hyuk, his birth name is Koo Bon-hyuk. He was born in South Korea’s Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do. In terms of his zodiac sign, he is an Aries. His weight and height are unavailable and 175 cm respectively. He was one of the people who passed the very first round of auditions for the JYP’s FNC and the Big Hit Entertainment along with Yuehua Hyukddol.


Although his stage name is Taerae, his birth name is Kim Tae-Rae. This tempest kpop group member is the maknae as well as the rapper of the band. He was born in 2002 on 9th May. His zodiac sign is Taurus. His height is 181 cm and there is no information about his weight. The blood type of Taerae is O.


The full name of this tempest K-pop is Lee Eul woong and he shoulders the responsibility of a composer, vocalist, and leader as well as of a lead rapper in the band. His zodiac sign is Aries. LEW is a Korean by nationality. He was born in South Korea’s Incheon on the 5th of April in 2001. His height is 171 cm and in terms of weight, he weighs somewhere around 55 kg. In terms of his past career status, he debuted as a duo as HyeongseopXEulwoong on the 2017th of November, however, it ultimately lead to disbandment in 2021 August. LEW also appeared in a TV Show name Tok!Tok!Boni Hani in the year 2020.


Hwarang’s full name is Song Jae-won. In the band, he shoulders the responsibility of the main dancer, main rapper, and composer. He was born in 2001 on the 23rd of April and his zodiac sign is Taurus. In terms of his physical condition, he is 61 kg, and his height ranges somewhere around 182 cm tall. He has a knack for dancing, composing as well as choreography making.


Though initially the group was supposed to debut in 2022 on the 21st of February with their debut ‘It’s Me, Its We’. Later on the 14th of February, Yuehua Entertainment announced that they are planning to postpone the debut and did so eventually because all the members of the band tested positive for COVID-19.

Finally, in 2022 on 2nd March, the band debuted with the earlier planned debut single. Following, Tempest made their first comeback on the 29th of August 2022 with their second EP that is Shining Up. When it comes to recent news, on the 22nd of November, the band released their latest as well as their third play On and On. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about the Tempest kpop.

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