T Mobile APN Settings 2023 – 5G APN Settings for Android/iOS

Are you using a SIM card from T Mobile telecom service and constantly complaining about slow internet connection? Everyone needs a fast internet connection for various purposes. However, many times it happens that even after having proper connectivity and an active SIM card, the internet works slowly. If you are also facing the same issues, you have landed on the right page. You shall get all the answers regarding slow internet connection and how to boost it with ease.

Through this post, we shall discuss how to make T mobile network settings changes to boost the speed of your internet or data for quick browsing.

T Mobile 5G APN Settings for Android Phone:

Are you thinking to increase the speed of your network connection for your Android phone? Here are the Tmobile internet settings for Android phones. Firstly, go to the Android mobile Settings option and in that section, choose Network Settings option. Select the T Mobile APN option if any is available. If any T-Mobile APN option isn’t available, create a new option. Fill in the settings given below.

  1. APN – Fast.t-mobile.com
  2. Proxy – Not Set
  3. Port – Not Set
  4. Username – Not Set
  5. Password – Not Set
  6. Server – *
  7. MMSC – http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
  8. MMS Proxy – Not Set
  9. MMS Port – Not Set
  10. MCC – 310
  11. MNC – 260
  12. Authentication Type – Not Set
  13. APM Type – Default, supl, hipri, fota, mms
  14. APN Protocol – IPv6
  15. APN Roaming Protocol – IPv4
  16. APN Enable/Disable – Enable
  17. MVNO Type – None
  18. MVNO Value – Not Set

Once the T Mobile 5G APN settings are made, save them and restart the Android phone.

T-Mobile 5G APN Settings for iPhone:

Are you having an iPhone and still suffering from a low internet connection? Well, we have a solution for this too. Here is what you have to do for increasing the internet speed. Generally, in the iPhone, the APN Settings are automatically saved for the T Mobile SIM cards. However, if you are wishing to make manual changes in the iPhone APN Settings, here are the changes you need to make on your Apple phone.

  • Open your iPhone and look for the Settings option.
  • In the Settings option, go to General Reset.
  • In General, Reset, go to Network Settings.
  • In-Network Settings look for Cellular Data Network.
  • In Cellular Data Network, add the APN settings.

When you open the Cellular Data Network option, all you have to do is manually enter the settings given below:

  1. APN – epc.tmobile.com
  2. Username – Blank
  3. Password – Blank

While entering the settings manually, make sure you leave the username and password sections blank. Once done, save the settings and restart the phone.

T Mobile APN Settings

T Mobile 5G APN Settings for iOS 7 and iOS 8:

For making changes in the Tmobile access point settings on the iOS 7 and iOS 8 version, here are the settings changes you need to make.

For cellular data section, enter the details below:

  • APN – fast.t-mobile.com
  • Username – Not set
  • Password – Not set

Tmobile APN LTE settings are as below:

  • APN – Not set
  • Username – Not set
  • Password – Not set

MMS settings for Tmobile are as below:

  • APN – fast.t-mobile.com
  • Username – Not set
  • Password – Not set
  • MMSC – http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
  • MMS Proxy – Not set
  • MMS Max Message Size – 1048576
  • MMS Ua Prof URL – http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf

T-Mobile 5G APN Settings for iOS 6

For obtaining the APN Settings for iOS 6, here are the settings you need to enter manually by opening the Cellular settings page.

  • Data Roaming – ON
  • Wi-Fi: OFF
  • 3G Enabled – ON

APN Settings for T-Mobile Hotspot:

T-Mobile also helps the customers in changing the hotspot APN settings manually for improving the speed of their mobile phones. Here is how you can do so.

  • Open your mobile and go to the Hotspot Admin Page.
  • On the page, give a click on Settings.
  • On the settings page, give a click on Network Settings.
  • In the Network Settings page, check the APN information whether it is right or not.
  • If the information is not right, fill the APN settings manually.
  • For adding the APN settings manually, give a click on Add New.

Once you are ready to enter the APN settings manually, here are the T Mobile Hotspot APN Settings you need to enter in the mobile.

  • APN – pcweb.tmobile.com
  • Username – Not Set
  • Password – Not set

Once the T mobile APN settings are entered manually, give a click on Apply option and save the settings. Once the settings are saved, restart the device and check the internet connection speed.

The T Mobile SIM card users can make the APN settings either automatically or manually. However, while making the changes manually, make sure the right information is filled including the space and comma. You can also look for T Mobile APN Code or secret USSD codes for getting automatic settings with new features and benefits.

Where to Find T-mobile Assurance Wireless APN Settings?

You can Find Assurance Wireless APN Settings here, we have already posted Assurance Wireless APN settings.

How to Set APN for T mobile?

You can follow the above mentioned steps for android and ios to set up APN settings for t mobile.

What is t mobile apn settings for android?

We have mentioned T-Mobile APN Settings for Android, which you can set up via Setp by Step Guide.

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