What’s My Sun Sign? – Sun Sign Calculator

What’s My Sun Sign?

Sun Sign is different from the Moon Sign. Sun Sign is calculated when the Sun comes into your Zodiac Sign. If you do not know your sun sign, you can use the below Sun Sign Calculator to Find your Sun Sign. Just enter your Birth Year, Birth Month, and Birth Day to find your Sun Sign.

Calculate your Western and Chinese Astrological Signs

Sun Sign:
Chinese Sign:

How to Use Sun Sign Calculator?

The Sun Sign Calculator is very simple to use. You need to enter your Birthdate in the above calculator. Like, You enter your Birth year in the year column, Birth Month (Jan to Dec) in the birth month section Enter your Birth Day (1-30) and Hit the calculate button.

After that, the Sun Sign Calculator will display your Sun Sign and Chinese Sign as well. Easy, isn’t it?

How To Check My Daily Horoscope Based on Sun Sign?

We at SDASrinagar.com, post daily horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs on a daily basis. You can read your daily horoscope for your zodiac sign at the below links.

How accurate is Sun Sign Calculator?

It is very easy to check and define the sun sign of each person. Each zodiac sign contains 1 month, i.e if you are born in this month, your zodiac sign is this, likewise. Our Sun Sign calculator is very accurate, you can check that.

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