[UPDATE] What Relationship is Between Suga from BTS and his Dad?

Suga, one of the popular members of the BTS group is at the peak of his musical career. He is not only a music composer, but also a songwriter, producer, and rapper. Also known as Savage King, Suga was not as strong as he seems to be today. Suga comes with a tough and miserable past which slowly builds him into the person he is today.

Min Yoongi, popularly known as Suga from BTS was born to a poor family. They could hardly earn a one-time meal for five. Many times, the family had to sleep on an empty stomach. As per Suga, this was one of the reasons why Suga’s father opposed his passion for music. Suga himself has committed in various interviews that his father was strictly against music. He also didn’t like his debut in the show Kpop Idol.

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As per Suga, his parents weren’t aware of rap music. Hence, it was natural that they didn’t understand it. His father was very strict and had seen his family suffer a lot. Therefore, he didn’t want his children to suffer more. Not only his father, but his mother also wished that both the children get connected with civil jobs. They wanted a stable life and a bright future for them, the same as other parents of the middle class.

Last Update on Suga & his Dad Relationship!

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After getting a serious reaction from his folks including his music pieces being tossed out of their home. Suga needed to go underground with his energy for some time. He needed to turn to compose verses covertly. He even chooses if he needed to fill his stomach or take the transport back home. The craftsman even attempted to acquire a piece by offering his unique tunes to makers. It ended up being phony and hoodwinked him of his cash and manifestations. Tragically, this tension made him drop out of his school.

He even leaves his cherished game Basketball to turn out more earnestly for his fantasies. It was this time when Sugo had to choose between a 2-dollar paying job or a musical career. He in the long run left his home and began functioning as an underground rapper and went by the name Gloss. It was during this time when Sugo came into the limelight with a super hit musical piece “518-062” that celebrated Gwangju Uprising. Suga worked for various part-time jobs, during which he met with a car accident. During delivery, his left shoulder got injured with a torn labrum. After the accident, he had to quit his job and completely focus on songwriting and music performance. As he couldn’t do anything else due to his health, he wanted to peruse his passion.

Having begun his existence with a fine portion of difficulties and overwhelming vulnerabilities. The BTS rapper anyway was at last ready to revise disavowed his folks at his show back in 2016. It was the initial time ever that his folks had found a way to visit his child on such a significant event. Amid a great many fans from everywhere the world, they were at last ready to watch their child.

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Suga after seeing his folks knelt on his knees as a stance of regard occasioned into tears. This was recorded on a live camera. It was not just very much responded to by his colleagues, a great many fans, yet in addition his folks. The pair separated into cheerful tears, as both were enormously glad for the accomplishments of his child. In this way, eventually, all harshness was washed away. From that point forward the inconspicuous fracture between the dad-child relationship has been all reasonable. Presently, aside from BTS ARMYs, Suga’s dad and mother, and siblings are the bean prominent help support. He will continuously have this support next to him for his entire life.


Hence, in the initial years, Sugo had to face a bitter phase when his parents ignored his love for music. They also forced him for a 9 to 5 job but today, everything in their relationship is getting better. Now Suga is perusing his passion for music as well as being well connected with their family members. 

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