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“Step Out! Hello, we are Stray Kids!” Does this phrase catch your ears and excite your heart? This cheesy phrase is an outline of the Stray Kids group. Stray Kids or say SKZ members are a group of eight members from South Korea who combined to form a band. They combined in a reality show with the same name in the year 2018. No doubt, they came into the limelight after their mini album “I Am Not”, they made their debut in the same year in January.

In Stray Kids have given various popular albums or tracks like Mixtape, I am not, District 9, My Pace, I am Who, etc. that have won the hearts of the listeners. Are you also interested in learning the profile of the I.n Stray Kids?

Let’s today learn about the 8 members of the band and gain their basic information like age, birthdate, zodiac sign, height, and weight.

When did Stray Kids debut?

As per Stray Kids profile, they made their debut in a reality show that was held under JYP Entertainment on 25th March 2018. They got popularity from their mini-album ‘I am not’. Their debut title track was ‘District 9’. However, the Stray Kids debut date is 8th January 2018 when they gave out their very first mini-album ‘Mixtape’.

How many members are in Stray Kids?

There are total of 8 Stray Kids members in the group or band. The Stray kids names are Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. The group initially started with 9 members. However, Woojin left the group in the year 2019 and the announcement was made by Woojin himself. According to the announcement, he left the group because of some personal issues. The leader of the band is Bang Chan who is also the oldest member of the group. The youngest member of the group is I.N.

Here is a brief introduction of the Stray Kids kpop members. Bang Chan, the leader of the group was born on 3rd October 1997, and his age is 26 years. Lee Know was born on 25th October 1998 and his age is 25 years. Changbin’s birthdate falls on 11th August 1999, and his age is 24 years old. On the other hand, Hyunjin was born on 20th March 2000 and his age is 23 years. Han was born on 14th September 2000 and his age is 23 years. Felix is the next member of the group and he was born on 15th September 2000. His age is 23 years. Seungmin was born on 22nd September 2000 and his age is 23 years too. Last but not least, I.N. was born on 8th February 2000, and his age is 22 years.

Stray Kids

What is the age, birthdate, height, and weight of the Stray Kids members?

Stray Kids Members Name

Age (in years)




Zodiac Sign

Bang Chan

26 October 3, 1997 171 CM 56 KG Libra

Lee Know

25 October 25, 1998 172 CM 58 KG Scorpio


24 August 11, 1999 167 CM 68 KG Leo


23 March 20, 2000 179 CM 58 KG Pisces


23 September 14, 2000 169 CM 60 KG Virgo


23 September 15, 2000 171 CM 56 KG Virgo


23 September 22, 2000 178 CM 56 KG Virgo


22 February 8, 2001 170 CM 55 KG Aquarius

P.s We used our Sun Sign Calculator to find the Zodiac Sign of Each Stray Kids Group member.

Talking about the Stray Kids height and weight, the height of Hyunjin is 179cm and his weight is 58kg. The Changbin height is 167 cm and weight is 68 kg. The height of Bang Chan is 171 cm and its weight is 56 kg. The height and weight of Lee Know is 172 cm and 58k g respectively. Seungmin’s height of is 175 cm and weight is 56 kg. Han has a height of 169 cm and a weight of 60 kg. The height and weight of Felix is 171cm and 56kg. Lastly, the height of I.N. is 170 cm and its weight is 55 kg.

The Stray Kids is a musical band in which the age of the members is between 24 to 21 years. Talking about the positions of the Stray Kids, Bang Chan is the leader of the band as well as the lead vocalist, dancer, and rapper of the group. Lee Know is the main dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper. The position of Changbin is main rapper and sub vocalist. On the other hand, Hyunjin is the main dancer, lead rapper, and visual manager of the group. Han is the main rapper and lead vocalist. Felix is the lead rapper and dancer of the group. Seungmin is the main vocalist of the group. Lastly, I.N is the sub-vocalist and maknae of the group.

The Stray Kids musical group has won around 13 music shows. The group announced STAY as their fandom name on 1st August 2018. It was after their fandom name was announced the group gave 3 back to back mini albums I am Who, My Pace, and I Am Not, which gave the band a unique identity in the music world. After Woojin left the group in the year 2019, the group of eight gave another hit music album “Astronaut” in the same year in November. In the year 2020, the group also won the Mnet survival show Kingdom: Legendary War. During the show, the group successfully marked their presence on the Gaon District Chart on the 138th number. In 2022, the group also signed Republic Records with the US.

FAQs Related to Stray Kids Kpop Group

What is the Debut date of Stray kids?

The Debut date, the first album (I AM NOT) of Stray kids was released on 25th March 2018.

Total Number of Members in Stray Kids

There are total 8 members in Stray Kids kpop Group, Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

Who is the youngest member of Stray Kids group?

I.N. is the youngest member of the stray kids group.

Who is the oldest member of the Stray kids group?

Bang Chan is the oldest member of the stray kids group.

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