Top 10 Facts About Soobin (TXT)

Just after some hours of his revelation, the fans were eagerly searching for all the possible information they could discover about this member or TXT. Yes, we are talking about none other than the leader and the current youth sensation Soobin.

Soobin was born on 5th December 2000 in Sangnok-gu, South Korea. The current Soobin age is 22 years. Apart from being the leader of the group, Soobin is also positioned as the dancer, rapper, and vocalist.

Top 10 Facts About Soobin (TXT)

Are you also among the fans who want to learn more about Soobin? If yes, simply scroll down and learn some interesting facts related to him.

#1 The birth name of Soobin is Choi Soo Bin while his English name is Steve Choi.

#2 Choi Soobin was the 2nd member who was revealed on 13th January 2013 by TXT under Big Hit Entertainment currently known as HYBE.

#3 He represents the animal Praying Mantis while the flower he represents is Anemone.

#4 He is the youngest among his siblings as he has a sister and a brother who are 10 years and 6 years elder than him.

#5 Due to his tall height, Soobin is also given the nickname “Cucumber” as it is believed that his height is as tall as the holds of the train. Apart from this, his other nickname is sloth and turtle.


#6 Soobin was completely nervous and was shaking when TXT was filming the debut video MV. He also cried after the video.

#7 Soobin isn’t choosy when it comes to eating, however, he can’t have spicy food as he starts sweating whenever he eats it.

#8 After having a good sleep, Soobin’s face gets swollen very easily and turns out pudgy, hence, his fans come to know that he has had a sound sleep.

#9 Soobin believes in the rule that if the dorm is completely in a mess, all 5 members living there are responsible for cleaning it.

#10 According to his friends, Soobin is a “spelling police” as he always keeps on correcting spelling errors.

Apart from all these, Soobin TXT loves to read books that are helpful in having a good life. He is not only cute but also very trustful as well as shy. According to his fans and group member, his dance moves of Soobin are very powerful, and hence, he is also the power charger of his group.

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