SF9 Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

“To be sensation! Hello, we are SF9!”

Yes, we are talking about the South Korean K-pop group of handsome boys. All the SF9 members are quite young and vibrant and have kept the group alive since 2016. The group is popular for giving out melodious songs and amazing performances whenever they are on stage. However, there are many fans who are still not completely aware of the group and the group members.

SF9 Members Kpop Profile

SF9 Members Name

SF9 Members Birthday

Age of SF9 Members

SF9 Height

SF9 Weight

SF9 Zodiac Sign


12th July 1993 30 6’1″ (184 cm) 70 KG Cancer


23rd November 1993 30 5’10” (178 cm) 67 KG Sagittarius


9th August 1994 29 6′ 0” (183 cm) 65 KG Leo


24th July 1995 28 5’11” (179 cm) 65 KG Leo


4th July 1996 27 6’1″ (185 cm) 67 KG Cancer


7th August 1996 27 6’4″ (193 cm) 74 KG Leo

Yoo Taeyang

28th February 1997 26 5’11” (181 cm) 67 KG Pisces


11th May 1999 24 5’11” (179 cm) 61 KG Taurus


17th January 2000 23 5’10” (177 cm) 57 KG Capricorn

Hence, through this post, we shall learn about the age, birthday, height, weight, and zodiac sign of the members of the SF9 group in detail.

SF9 Members

SF9 Members Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

The SF9 debut date is 5th October 2016. The group made its debut under FNC Entertainment. As per the records, SF9 is the first-ever dance group of boys which is made and managed by an entertainment company. And every member has been equally participating and contributing to taking their group to the top in the list of other Korean boys groups.

As the name of the group reveals, the group is made up of nine members. The SF9 Korean names of the members are Chani, Jaeyoon, Hwiyoung, Dawon, Taeyang, Rowoon, Inseong, Zuho, and Youngbin. Are you interested in learning about the members of the group in detail? Just scroll down for more details.


Inseong was born on 12th July 1993 and his current age is 30 years. The zodiac sign of Inseong is Cancer. The height and weight of Inseong are 184 cm and 70 kg respectively. The position of Inseong in the group is the main vocalist.


Youngbin was born on 23rd November 1993. His current age is 30 years. The zodiac sign of Youngbin is Sagittarius. The height of Youngbin is 178 cm and his weight is 67 kg. Youngbin is the leader of the group and his position is the lead dancer and lead rapper.


The birthdate of Jaeyoon is on 9th August 1994. And hence, his current age is 29 years. The zodiac sign of Jaeyoon is Leo. The height and weight of Jaeyoon are 183 cm and 65 kg respectively. The position of Jaeyoon in the group is of a vocalist.


Dawon was born on 24th July 1995. The current age of Dawon is around 2287 years. The zodiac sign of this handsome man born in July is Leo. The height of Dawon is 179 cm and 65 kg respectively. Dawon is the lead dancer, vocalist, and sub-rapper of the group.


According to the SF9 profile, Zuho’s birthdate is 4th July 1996 and his current age is 27 years. The zodiac sign of Zuho is Cancer. The height and weight of this k-pop star are 185 cm and 67 kg respectively. The position of Zuho is the main rapper of the group.


Rowoon was born on 7th August 1996. As he is born in the year 1996, his current age is 27 years. The zodiac sign of Rowoon is Leo. His height is 193 cm and his weight is 74 kg. Rowoon is the lead vocalist, visual, and the center of the group.


Popularly known as Yoo Taeyang, his birthdate is 28th February 1997. His current age is 26 years. The Taeyang height is 181 cm while his weight is 67 kg. The zodiac sign of Taeyang is Pisces. And he is the main dancer and the lead vocalist of the group.


As per the records, 14th May 1999 is the birthdate of Hwiyoung. The current age of Hwiyoung is 24 years. The zodiac sign of Hwiyoung is Taurus. The height and weight of this handsome K-pop celebrity are 179cm and 61kg respectively. Hwiyoung is the lead rapper and the sub-vocalist of the group.


The birthdate of Chani is 17th January 2000. The current age of Chani is 23 years. The zodiac sign of this charming personality is Capricorn. The height of Chani is 177 cm and his weight is 57 kg. The postion of Chani in the group is the main dancer, sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, and maknae of the group. Apart from all these, Chani is also the face of the group.

SF9 kpop group came into existence in the year 2016, and after that, it has given memorable performances. Talking about the name of the band, SF9 stands for Sensation Feeling 9. Nine is the symbol of length or longevity. And hence, it represents the desire of the group for lasting for the longest time in the Kpop industry. The SF9 fandom name is FANTASY and its fandom colors are Fantasia Hologram. All the members of the group are from Korea. The group is highly active on various social media platforms as well as it has its own official page too.

What Are the Korean names of SF9 Members?

SF9 Korean Names are 인성 (Inseong), Youngbin (영빈), Jaeyoon (재윤), Dawon (다원), Zuho (주호), Rowoon (로운), Yoo Taeyang (유태양), Hwiyoung (휘영), and Chani (찬희).

When did SF9 debuted?

SF9 Kpop Band debuted with their first single Feeling Sensation on 5th October, 2016.

What is sf9 fandom name?

The Fandom name for SF9 Group is FANTASY.

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