Guide to Getting CIF Number In SBI Without Passbook | SBI CIF Number

Do you want to know about the CIF number in the State Bank of India? Or do you want to find the SBI CIF number, you are in right place. Here we are explaining to you what is CIF number, how to find it, how to find it without a passbook from net banking and mobile app (SBI Net banking).

There are many methods to find out CIF numbers without using a passbook. Like you can find it on the chequebook of your State bank of India, You can also find it on the passbook, or you can find it on your net banking user profile or in the mobile app.

So, let’s start with What is CIF Number and later we give you a tutorial to find the SBI CIF number on your own.

What is the CIF Number of the State Bank of India?

CIF Number is nothing but one of the most important numbers after the Account number of your SBI Account. The full form of the CIF number is the Customer Information File number. Its unique 11-digit number is allotted to each of the SBI customers. This is just a way for the State bank of India to get all information about customers like their personal information, banking activity, loan details (if any).

Why CIF Number of SBI is important?

State Bank of India is India’s Number 1 public sector bank, with almost 24,000+ branches worldwide and 190 offices in India and abroad, with a network in 35 countries and more, it is the most trusted bank in India. Everyone in India loves to open a savings account with SBI.

How to get the CIF Number of SBI without a passbook?

If you do not have access to your passbook at the time and you want to find your CIF number, then you can follow the below steps to find out the CIF Number. These steps will help you to find the CIF number on your own.

First of all, you can find out the CIF number in SBI without a passbook by below two options.

  • SBI Net Banking
  • SBI Yono App

Let’s start with the first option to find out your CIF Number via net banking.

Get CIF Number using SBI Net Banking Option

CIF Number in SBI

  • First of all, Open the SBI Net Banking website, which is
  • You need to log in here with your username and password which is provided by SBI to you.
  • After successfully login in, you click on the “My Account & Profile” tab.
  • Here at this screen, you can click on the nomination and PAN detail options.
  • Just click on View nomination under Pan details.
  • After completing these steps, you can see your CIF Number on the screen, you can note it down.

In an alternate method, you can click on “ My Account & Profile” Tab,

  • Here, you can click on the Account Statement option on your left-hand side menu.
  • Select a random date to generate an account statement and click on the View (go) option.
  • Here, on your screen, you will be shown the account statement of the selected period but also show your SBI saving account summary.
  • Here also, you can find your SBI CIF Number easily and use it.
  • That’s how you find your CIF number without a passbook using sbi net banking.

Now, for many people who don’t have an SBI Net banking ID password handy, what they can do to find out their CIF number? Well, it’s easy. They can use the SBI Yono app to get a CIF number from the mobile app.

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How to get a CIF Number from the Yono Mobile app?

To get a CIF number on your own from SBI Yono App, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • First of all, if you have not installed the app, you can install the Yono app.
  • Here, You can log in to your SBI Yono app with your SBI user name and password.
  • After that, click on the Service Tab of the options you see on your Yono app.
  • Under Service Tab, you can select the “Online Nomination” option.
  • On this screen, you can see Your account number, CIF Number as well.
  • You can take a screenshot or note down your CIF number.

So, That’s one of the easiest ways to find your CIF Number using the Yono app. Alternatively, You can call your home and ask your family to get your CIF number from your passbook or chequebook.

Pro Tip: – If you want to get your CIF Number super quickly, just call the state bank of India’s customer support number and ask them, they will provide you with all details in no time.

Another option is to visit the SBI Branch office to get CIF Number.

Yes, you can visit the nearest SBI Branch office and ask the officers at the bank to know your CIF Number. You might just need to provide your mobile number or account number, and they will give you an instant CIF number.

FAQs Related to SBI’s CIF Number

How to get a CIF Number via SMS / Miss Call banking?

Sorry, you cannot get a CIF number via SMS or Miss call banking. You need to follow the above-mentioned steps.

In How many countries does SBI have a network?

SBI have a Branch network in 35+ countries.

Hope this article helps you to find the CIF number easily and on your own. For more help, comment below. Thank you.

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