Guide to Generate SBI ATM Pin by SMS – Step by Step Guide

Provided that almost every SBI customer has the right to access the respective Green PIN facility, it simply means that generating a new ATM PIN and even modification of the current PIN is comparatively easier. Thus, the SBI account holders are using this very 4-digit SBI PIN every time they conduct any kind of withdrawals, POS transactions, or online transactions, they will be protected from any kind of unauthorized transactions.

All the existing and new SBI account holders have multiple options when it comes to SBI PIN generation and this can be done within no time. All that is needed to be done here is that the customer needs to stick to the same methods. If you are wondering how to generate an ATM PIN, keep on reading this article.

Generating the ATM PIN through SMS

If your question is ‘how can I generate SBI ATM PIN by SMS’ then all you need to d is to stick to the mentioned simple process. For SBI ATM PIN Generation through SMS, one has to send an SMS to 567676 from the customer’s registered mobile number with the following format PIN which is (XXX) (YYYY) where XXXX stands for the last four digits of the SBI ATM card whereas the YYYY stands for the last four digits of the SBI Account Number.

After this, the account holder will soon receive an OTP as soon as the SMS is sent which will be then used for the generation of the SBI PIN at their nearest SBI ATM in under two days.

SBI ATM Card PIN generation

Following are the steps according to the preferred method that one should stick to for SBI Credit Card PIN generation.

SBI ATM Pin Generation

Generate ATM Pin Through Through an ATM

  1. Insert the credit card in the machine and select the preferred language.
  2. Select ‘create PIN using OTP’, from the displayed options.
  3. After clicking, OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number, Enter the same.
  4. Enter the 4-digit PIN.
  5. Again type the PIN.
  6. You will receive a message from the bank stating that the PIN has been generated.

Generate ATM Pin Through Net Banking account

  1. Log in to the SBI credit card net banking account.
  2. Tap on the ‘credit card requests’.
  3. Tap on ‘Change Pin’.
  4. You will receive a message at the registered mobile number.
  5. Enter the ‘OTP’ and click on ‘continue’.
  6. Enter the 4 digit PIN.
  7. Again enter the Pin and follow up by clicking on ‘submit’.
  8. You will receive a notification from the bank stating that your PIN has been successfully generated.

Forgetting and changing the SBI ATM PIN

If you forgot SBI ATM PIN and are wondering how to change ATM PIN then follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official website of the State Bank of India and tap on the ‘personal account’ login.
  • Log in to the internet banking account through username and password and tap on ‘e-services’.
  • Tap on the ‘ATM card services’ and from the given options tap on ‘generate new ATM PIN’.
  • Click on ‘get authorization PIN’.
  • You will receive an OTP in the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and select ‘submit’.
  • Enter the prior two digits of the new PIN and wait for the other two digits that will be sent to you through SMS by SBI.
  • As soon as will receive the last two digits, enter them and click on ‘submit’.
  • As soon as this is done, you will receive a confirmation message from the SBI indicating that your ATM PIN has been successfully changed.

So, these are the steps that an account holder should exercise to generate the SBI ATM PIN along with the SBI Credit Card PIN generation. Now that you have all the information you need, you are all set to generate or change your PIN.

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