Housing Project

As per the survey  conducted the present housing shortage is of the order of 18750 housing units or plots  and for additional population  of eleven lacs for next twenty years the requirement  for housing plots/units will be 37500.In view of huge gap in demand and supply, the price of land  has gone terribly high and the residents of the city especially the economically weaker sections, Low income groups and even the Middle Income Groups are unable to purchase the land in the open market. Besides the land purchased in the open market is undeveloped without any basic infrastructure like Roads, Drains, Water Supply, Electric  Infrastructure and sanitation. The Supply and demand gap has also  lead to encroachments on River and Nallah Banks   and other state lands including green belts and water Bodies.

To ease the problem, the SDA has proposed acquisition of 32000 kanals of land in next twenty years at various identified places but such acquisition requires huge resources for which the Government is being approached  for financial assistance.

To start with, the SDA has  initiated acquisition of  4200 kanals of Rakhs land in Village Rakh-Gund-Aksha which has been transferred by Government to SDA but the land is under the possession of kamas for which the SDA has to pay compensation to kamas. The payment of compensation /improvement charges to kamas  has been started and Rs. 190.00 lacs has already been disbursed.Development of  Township in Rakh-Gund-Aksha by involving  Joint sector have been initiated and the modalities for development of this township on most modern lines are being worked out.

Township at Rakh-Gund-Aksha, the Dream Project of “Model Township” in all respects at Rakh Gund Aksha shall be SDA’s star project. After removing the initial hitches/difficulties, the dream project shall be developed  in public private partnership.

 Rakhe-Gund Akshah – A Vision

  •  Most Modern Township
  • rakh-gund-aksha A Blend of Traditional Architecture Features with Modernity
  • Just 7 kms from Lal Chowk
  • Bounded by National Highway, NH Bypass and Budgam Road
  • Total Land Area is 6000 kanals
  • Predominantly an MIG Town with an over all Population of about 50,000 Persons
  • Self Contained/Regulated Service Area witht, Sewerage Treatment Plant and Drainage Disposal System including Garbage Collection and Disposal Facility within the Township
  • A City Forest Area within the Township having a Mini Zoo
  • Jogging Tracks, Club Houses, Water Bodies and Mini Golf Courses is an Added Attraction
  • Community Centers, Institutional Area within the Township
  • Internal Circulation System Design on Local Area Basis
  • Traditional Bazaar System Blended with Modern Planning Concepts
  • Broad Categorization Chart
  • Category plot size Flat area Percentage
  • HIG/NRK 1 k to 1.25 k 1300-1800 sft 20% (15+5)
  • MIG         1000-1300 sft 40%
  • LIG 600 sft 20%


A Housing Colony catering  to all income categories  has been envisaged on 303 kanal land in Bemina .

The colony has  55 plots (measuring 45`x80`) of HIG Category, 80 plots of MIG Category (measuring 40`x60`) each) and 111 No.s plots  ( each measuring  25`x40`) for LIG/EWS category.

Bigger plots  have also been  reserved  for construction of flats in MIG category and LIG category. Open spaces  and community facility area  has also been  proposed  in the Colony.  Earthfilling, Laying of roads completed. All plots in HIG, MIG and LIG categories   have already been allotted .

  •  Total Area                      –            303 kanals
  •  Cost of HIG Plots          –            Rs. 15, 33600
  •  Cost of MIG Plots          –           Rs. 8,50000
  •  Cost of LIG Plots           –           Rs. 1,42000

Status of Project

Earthfilling, Laying of roads completed. All plots in HIG, MIG and LIG categories   have already been allotted .

Flatted development and community facility has to  be taken up.

Flatted Accommodation (Vertical Housing)

Keeping in tune with the fast-changing urban landscape of Srinagar and mounting stress on its scarce land resources, SDA has embarked upon the ambitious initiative of exploring trans-formative and sustainable solution for affordable housing in the city by pioneering the concept of vertical colonies with integrated community facilities.

What SDA strives to explore in this new initiative is to make people realize the dream of owning a secure, compact and affordable  home in Srinagar and facilitate them to relocate with fast-changing housing needs without occupying as much land resources as the traditional houses do.


Scarcity of land within city limits necessitates vertical expansion  of the city. At Bemina  on a plot of 12 kanals  of land  on Bemina Budgam Road a multistoryed  apartments  have been  developed.  Apartments have accommodation  of one drawing room, two bedrooms  Kitchen  & toilet (Type-I) and  one drawing room , two bedrooms  two toilets and kitchen (Type-II)

i.)         Plot Area                                                            12 Kanals

ii.)        Number of  Blocks                                                5 Nos.

iii.)        Total No. of Flats                                                92 Nos.

iv.)       Total No. of flats in each Block

PHASE-I  (2 blocks)    16 Nos. (each block)

PHASE-II    (3 blocks)   20 Nos (each block)

v.)        Total No. of storeys

Ground + III        PHASE-I

Ground+IV         PHASE-II

 Gulposh Apartments Phase-I

2 Blocks          –           32 Flats           –   Area of each Flat     777 sft

Status of Project

Constt. Completed

Allotted & Possession has been handed Over

Residential Flats (Gulposh Apartments ) Phase-II at Bemina

Total No of Blocks  =  3 No.

Total No of Flats  =  60 No.

Total No of Flats Sold   =  All (60) No.

Present Status  =Alloted and handed over.

Given the mounting demand for flat-type housing in Srinagar and to carry forward the pioneering concept of constructing integrated vertical housing colonies. SDA has earmarked a portion of land measuring 89.38 kanals in the  Housing Colony at Bemina along Bye-pass for construction of flatted accommodation (Shehjar Apartments). The project is envisaged as multi storied Apartments (532 flats) for sale to general public on self financing scheme with facilities- Community Hall, Convenient Shopping, etc.

  • 19 No. of Towers
  • Parking in stilt floor
  • 28 Flats in each Tower
  • Present Status: Construction of 5 Blocks, 2(2BHK) & 3(3 BHK) in progress.