How to Remove Feviquick / Super Glue from Hand at Home? – 3 Solutions

Have you accidentally got your fingers stuck with Feviquick or any Super Glue while fixing any broken cup or any other thing that can be fixed with glue? Well, many of you might have faced this sticky thing once in your life. And when this happens, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to get rid of the Feviquick from your hands. Be it Feviquick, Super Glue, or even Gorilla glue, it is definitely difficult and nearly impossible to remove the glue from the hands or fingers when stuck.

Top 3 Ways to Remove Feviquick / Super Glue from Hand & Skin

So, through this piece of information, let’s today learn about the different ways of removing the Feviquick or Super Glue from the hands through home remedies.

1st Solution – Warm and Soapy Water

If the glue is not dry completely yet, this solution of warm and soapy water can be much helpful to remove feviquick from your hand. For this, simply fill a bucket or bowl with warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot. Add some detergent or soap in the warm water. Soak the finger or affected area in the warm water for around 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Once the glue gets soft, rub the glued area gently or peel the glue off from the skin. While peeling if it is painful, soak the area again into the water. If it is not painful, remove the glue from the skin slowly.

2nd Solution – Nail polish remover

Also termed as Acetone, nail polish remover is also much helpful in removing the skin that is stuck to any object. Nail polishes come with an ingredient or solvent named acetone. Acetone works as a super dissolver for removing the glue from the skin and object. For using acetone or nail polish remover, just pour the acetone into a bowl and soak the affected area for a minute. Continue soaking the skin in acetone for 1 minute till the glue gets dissolved from the skin and the bond weakens. After the glue comes out, make sure you wash the hands properly as acetone would dry the skin and irritate it. So, wash your hands and use some gentle moisturizer. Again, nail polish remover should be used only on particular objects as it may be unsafe on certain objects.

Remove Feviquick super glue

3rd Solution – Lemon Juice

Are you looking for a solution to remove glue from the skin without nail polish remover? Lemon juice would be much helpful in removing the glue from the skin when accidentally glued. The acid present in lemon juice helps in removing the super glue or feviquick from the skin. This remedy is best when the super glue has affected a small skin part. For using lemon juice, pour some lemon juice in a bowl and soak the skin portion in the juice for around 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Using a cotton swab or soft toothbrush, rub the lemon juice on the area directly. Rub the skin gently using a washcloth for loosening the glue and washing the hands. Make sure you moisturize the hands well after washing them.

Henceforth, these were some helpful ways of removing the glue from the skin quickly. Feviquick or super glue can be annoying when gets stuck on the skin, especially when the children are involved. Hence, it is recommended to go for a solution without acetone for the kids. People with sensitive skin or serious skin conditions need to check with the doctor for removing the glue from the skin as removing it at home can be dangerous. Also, if the home remedies fail to remove the glue from the skin, make sure you visit the doctor.

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