Red Velvet Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

Red Velvet is a girl group from South Korea and it is managed by SM Entertainment. The band first made its debut on August 1, 2014. Their debut was with their single ‘ Happiness’. The red velvet members are Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri.

The name of the group is an actual representation of two separate images that is ‘Red’ and ‘Velvet’. In these words, red represents their rigid, bold image. On the other hand, velvet symbolizes their class. They release their songs likewise where their songs such as ‘Dumb Dumb’, ‘ Happiness’ and Ice cream cake’ falls into the ‘Red ‘ category whereas songs such as ‘One of these nights’, ‘ Be Natural’ and ‘Automatic’ falls into the ‘Velvet’ category.

Discography: Red Velvet

The discography of the girl group comprises two studio albums, out of which one is a compilation album whereas the other is a reissue album. Along with that, there are ten extended plays, some of which have evenly topped the South Korea Gaon Album Chart.

Red Velvet Members Age, Birthday, Height/Weight

Red Velvet Members Birthday Age (in years) Height Weight
Irene 29 March 1991 32 160 CM 44 KG
Yeri 5 March 1999 24 160 CM 49 KG
Joy 3 September 1996 27 168 CM 49 KG
Wendy 21 February 1994 29 160 CM 47 KG
Seulgi 10 February 1994 29 162 CM 44 KG

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red velvet members

#1 Irene

Irene is the center, visual, rapper, dancer, and leader of the group. Besides being the leader, Irene is also the oldest member of the group. She was born on March 29, 1991. Irene, red velvet age is 32. She is like the mommy of the group, especially to Yeri who is the youngest member of the group. In terms of her physical appearance, her height is 160 cm and she weighs around 44 kg.

#2 Yeri

Yeri is the youngest member of the group and is the vocalist and rapper of the girl group. She made her debut when she was just 16 years old. Besides the SM Entertainment industry, she has friends from all other agencies as well. She often does music collaboration, out of which one is ‘Sorrow’ with Kim Woo Seok and Ravi. Yeri was born on March 5, 1999. So, the red velvet Yeri age is just 24. Besides this, she is 160 cm tall and her weight is around 49 kg.

#3 Joy

Joy is the rapper and vocalist of the girl group. She is also an actress who has acted in many shows as well as dramas. There are times when she is labeled as one of the most grounded members and there are times when she shoulders the responsibility of a mature and an older sister to the group. In terms of personal details, she was born on September 3, 1996. Thus, the red velvet Joy age is 27. Moreover, she is 168 cm tall and weighs around 49 kg.

#4 Wendy

Wendy is the vocalist of this girl group. Since she has spent some of her years in Canada, she is very fluent in English. She has exemplary vocal skills. She has lent her voice to several drama OSTs over the years. Besides this, she has also collaborated with famous artists for instance John Legend. Wendy also encountered a minor accident while she was rehearsing for the SBS Gayo Daejeon. Her date of birth is February 21, 1994, and she is 29 years old. In terms of height and weight, Wendy is 160 cm tall and weighs 47 kg.

#5 Seulgi

Seulgi is the dancer and vocalist of the group. She is the one in the group who is not afraid to show her quirk to the audience. This girl group’s very first sub-unit was Irene and Seulgi. As a dancer, she has some killing dance moves. Her birthday is February 10, 1994, and she is 29 years old. In the case of her physical appearance, she is around 162 cm tall whereas her weight is around 44 kg. One of her achievements includes Seulgi being the ambassador for the brand Converse for several years.

Summary: Red Velvet

The following is everything that is there to know about Red Velvet members:

  • The group debuted with four members. Yeri was the one member who joined the group after they have debuted.
  • Their fandom name is Revelov.
  • Every member of the band is assigned a specific color. Irene is given pink, Wendy is given blue, Seulgi is given yellow, Yeri is purple and Joy is green.
  • The very debut of the group is August 1, 2014.
  • The group debuted on KBS’s Music Bank with their song ‘Happiness’.
  • The group’s first win was for their song Ice cream cake on Music Bank on 27th March 2015.
  • The group has released 2 albums.
  • The group, Red Velvet is one of the 160 singers as well as entertainers who have got the population to perform in North Korea, Pyeongchang, and there they sang Bad Boy and Red Flavor.
  • The eldest member of the group is Irene whereas the youngest member of the group is Yeri.
  • Joy was also a part of the cinematic industry where she starred as the lead actress for the drama Tempted and the Liar and his Lover.

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