Rain APN Settings 2023 – Rain APN Settings on Router

Rain is one of the quickly emerging telecom companies in South Africa. The company provides SIM cards with 4G and 5G network connections at nominal rates. And this has been a relief for various users suffering from limited internet access due to the costly mobile data charges. The main aim of the telecom company is to provide mobile internet services at affordable rates to the customers. They are quite popular for providing offers with unlimited 24/7 and off-peak data packages.

Are you also using the Rain SIM card on your smartphone? But having trouble using the SIM card due to a low internet connection? Or are you looking for fast internet connectivity with Rain? Be it a 4G network or a 5G network, you can boost up your internet connectivity by making certain changes in the APN settings of your mobile phone. Once you make the changes, you shall be able to enjoy a faster internet connection.

So, through this article, let’s understand how to work on the Rain APN Settings for faster connectivity.

Rain APN Configuration Settings for iPad and iPhone:

Once you have a Rain SIM card along with a data plan on your iPad or iPhone, you need to get the APN settings for the Rain network to have the access to the internet.

If you are using an iPhone, here is what you have to do for making the changes in the internet configuration.

  • First, go to the Settings on your iPhone
  • In the Settings list, go to Mobile Data
  • In the mobile data option, go to Mobile Data Network

Once you have reached the Mobile Data Network page, you have to enter the following APN configuration settings.

  1. APN: Rain
  2. Username: (leave it blank)
  3. Password: (leave it blank)

Once the above changes are made, return to back to the previous screen and restart your mobile. These changes work for both iPad and iPhones.

Rain apn settings

Rain APN Configuration Settings for Tablets and Android phones:

If you are having an Android phone, here are the Rain network settings you need to make on your Android phone or Tablets.

  • First, open your Android phone and go to Settings.
  • On the settings page, go to the Mobile Networks section.
  • In the Mobile Networks Section, go to Access Point name.
  • In the Access Point name section, go to Add New section.

In the Add, New section make the following changes for 3G and 4G internet data settings.

  1. Name: Rain
  2. APN: Rain
  3. Username: Not Set
  4. Password: Not Set
  5. Proxy: –
  6. Port: –
  7. Server: –
  8. MMSC: –
  9. Multimedia Message Proxy: –
  10. Multimedia message port: Not Set
  11. MCC: default
  12. MNC: default
  13. Authentication type: none
  14. APN Type: default,supl
  15. APN Protocol: IPv4
  16. Bearer: Unspecified
  17. Mobile virtual network operator: none

On the Android phone, select the desired network type from LTE, WCDMA, or GSM. Once you have finished with the configuration settings, you need to restart the mobile phone or tablet once. Your mobile phone is sure to work with the fastest internet speed. However, after making the changes if your internet connection doesn’t work faster, reset the settings again and call the customer service quickly. However, before calling the customer care service, make sure you have entered the APN settings properly considering the comma or space accurately.

Is changing the Internet APN settings safe?

Many people doubt the process of changing the APN settings. Thinking that it might end up with a virus or data stealing. But the fact is that changing the APN settings is completely safe. Doing this would help you work on a faster internet connection. Hence, if the internet connection doesn’t work faster, you simply have to reset the settings. You can also check whether the internet connection is available in the area where you are operating the cell phone from. Check if your SIM card is activated or not. After all, this, if the internet connection is still slow, contact the customer care service of Rain.

What is the price of 4G and 5G data plans in Rain?

Rain is among the telecom companies that serve with affordable data plans and offers for the customers. The company has launched a 4G data plan strictly for the 4G mobile phone users. The 4G plan is available at Rs.299 per month in which the customers can enjoy 360p resolution and can be used for only making data calls. The other 4G plans are Rs.479 per month and Rs.250 per month. The Rain 5G price is Rs.499 per month which is a basic plan. Apart from this other 5G plans from Rain is Rs.699 per month and Rs.999 per month. All the plans are it 4G or 5G give other benefits apart from the speed internet connection.

Where to Find Rain APN Settings for huawei router?

We have mentioned Rain APN Settings for huawei router and for Andorid and iOS devices as well.

Does Rain 5G APN settings available now?

Yes, Rain 5G settings are available above. Do check and apply for high speed internet over Rain network.

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