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Pudhari is known as the Marathi daily newspaper exclusively from Kolhapur. Inevitably, it is also considered one of the fourth-largest daily Marathi newspapers. The editor of the newspaper is Pratap Singh Jadhav.

The newspaper has several editions for districts of Maharashtra. Some of them are Sitara, Pune, Ratnagiri, Ahmednagar, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Belgaum, and Sindhudurg. In addition to this Pudhari newspaper is also distributed in Goa. Furthermore, Bahar is the special term used for the Sunday newspaper.

तुम्हाला पुढारी वर्तमानपत्र वाचायचे आहे का? ऑनलाइन वाचण्यासाठी तुमचे आवडते वर्तमानपत्र येथे आहे. महाराष्ट्र आणि कोल्हापूरच्या ताज्या बातम्यांसाठी तुम्ही दररोज पुण्याचे वर्तमानपत्र ऑनलाइन वाचू शकता.

The newspaper was also used as the fund collector for the Kargil War. The collected fund was used to build a hospital exclusively for the Indian soldiers at Siachen in 2001. If you are interested in knowing the whereabouts of everything around you then you must get access to the Pudhari newspaper.

Introduction to Pudhari NewsPaper

The ‘Pudhari’ news is centered on information such as science, national news, technology, and international news. The headquarters of the newspaper is located at PudhariKolhapur. People who are preparing for the competitive examinations are the main consumer of the newspaper.

In addition to his people, those who are curious enough to get a real-life perspective are also like to read this newspaper. Specifically, all the IAS aspirants can greatly leverage the Pudhari paper. Lastly, it is a very good source to extract information if anyone fails to get access to the physical newspaper. As is also available on the official website.   

Pudhari ePaper

All about Pudhari newspaper

Newspaper Daily newspaper
Format of the newspaper Broadsheet
Owner Yogesh Jadhav
Newspaper Founder Kolhapur News Association
Newspaper publisher Pudhari publications
Editor-in-chief Yogesh Jadhav
Year it was founded 1937
Newspaper Language Marathi
Newspaper headquarters Kolhapur
Online archives

Benefits of Pudhari paper today

The following are the benefits of reading Pudhari paper today:

  • Read later: The epaper, Pudhariis mostly preferred by the students as they can easily store it in any folder of their laptop or computer or mobile and give it a read later. As the paper is available in PDF, the individual will get rid of the stress of organizing tons of physical paper.
  • Cheaper: Getting access to the one-year subscription of Pudhari epaper will save a lot of money as compared to buying the physical newspaper. It’s much more affordable than other newspapers as well.
  • Saving the articles for the future: The newspaper has the option to read offline. Therefore, the entire edition can be easily downloaded in one click and stored for future studies.
  • Getting access date-wise: This is considered as one of the main benefits of starting a Pudhari epaper. If the individual has missed his morning paper, then one can get it by just selecting the specific date.  

How To Download the Pudhari epaper as PDF?

To read the epaper, one must need to get themselves register at the official website with the help of an email id. There are multiple options available for the users to get registered such as Google+ or Facebook.

To download the e Pudhari, the user needs to get register on the website and select the date to download the paper. The individual can easily download today’s Pudhari epaper pdf around 7:00 am. If any problems are faced while doing so then the respective officials should be reached out.

FAQs Related to Pudhari epaper

Q: Why Pudhari newspaper is best?

Ans: The newspaper has genuine and up-to-date content and great example of pure journalism.  

Q: From where I can download the Pudhari epaper?

Ans: Pudhari newspaper can be downloaded from the official website homepage.

Q: Is the Pudhari newspaper is free?

Ans: Yes, the Pudhari newspaper is free.

Q: From where I can read the Pudhari newspaper?

Ans: You can read the newspaper from the official website. In addition to this newspaper can be seen on telegram.

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