Onlyoneof Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

One of the most trending K-pop group from South Korea is the Onlyoneof Group. The group was established under 8D Creative Entertainment, which is also the home to Kang Hye Won of IZ*ONE. The group made its debut with their mini-album on 28th May 2019 with the track “Dot Point Jump.”

The debut album of the group members was initially released with two tracks or songs that is the title track “Time Leap” and the fan title track “Savanna”. All the four tracks from the album were released one after the other, and after every release, the group received around 5,555 “#onlyoneof” hashtags on the social media platform Twitter.

There are six onlyoneof members in the group. The names of the members are Jung Wookjin popular by the name Nine, Lee Yongsoo also known as Mill, Kim Junhyung is popularly called Junji, Lee Taeyeob is called Yoojung, Lee Sungho is called Rie, and Shin Kyubin is famous by the name KB. The current dorm arrangement of the group is KB, Junji, and YooJung in Room 1 while Nine and Rie in Room 2.

Why did Love leave onlyoneof?

There were initially seven Onlyoneof members in the group. However, the leader of the group Park Ji Sung, popular by the fan name Love abandoned the K-pop group. And hence, the group is currently leaderless. The sad news was declared by the leader himself. However, the reason behind him quitting the group was personal and wasn’t revealed in public. He wasn’t only the leader of the group but also the dancer and the vocalist of the group. After his resignation, the fans are really sad and are demanding an explanation from 8D Creative Entertainment.

Onlyoneof Kpop Profile With Age, Height, Birthday

OnlyOneOf Members Name

OnlyOneOf Birthday

OnlyOneOf Age

OnlyOneOf Height

OnlyOneOf Weight

OnlyOneOf Zodiac Sign


23 April 1992 31 180 CM (5’11”) 64 KG Taurus


6 November 1996 27 174 CM (5’9”) 63 KG Scorpio


29th May 1997 26 176 CM (5’”) 56 KG Gemini


6th April 1998 25 181 CM (5’11”) 61 KG Aries


30th March 1999 24 171 CM (5’7”) 54 KG Aries


13th December 1999 24 177 CM (5’10”) 68 KG Sagittarius


Onlyoneof Members Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign:

Are you also searching for the age, birthdate, height, weight, and zodiac sign of the Only one of members? Here is the answer to all your queries.

KB (Shin Kyubin)

KB was born on 23rd April 1992. His current age is 31 years while his zodiac sign is Taurus. The height and weight of this kpop star is 180 cm and 64 kg respectively. The position of KB in the group is that of a lead rapper, visual, and a vocalist. As KB is the oldest member of the group, he initially hides his age and revealed his age as B.C. Later, his age got revealed after May 2019.

Rie (Lee Sungho)

Rie was born on 6th November 1996 and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. His age is 27 years. The height of Rie is 174 cm while his weight is 63 kgs. Rie is the lead vocalist and the lead dancer of the group. Rie is said to be the most joyful and funny member of the group while his motto of life is “You have one life, have no regret.”

YooJung (Lee Taeyeob)

A Gemini by zodiac sign, YooJung’s birthdate is 29th May 1997. His current age is 26 years. The height of YooJung Onlyoneof group is 17 6cm while his weight is 56 kg. The position of YooJung is of a main dancer, visual, and the vocalist of the group. YooJung loves to watch performances, and as per his motto, his life started with dancing, and will end with dancing.

Junji (Kim Junhyung)

Junji Onlyoneof member celebrates his birthday on 6th April 1998. His current age is 25 years. The height of Junji is 181 cm and his weight is 61 kg. Junji is the lead dancer, visual and vocalist of the group. Junji is the shy boy of the group while his specialty is freestyle dancing.

Mill (Lee Yongsoo)

The zodiac sign of Mill is Aries as his birthdate is 30th March 1999. The age of Mill is 24 years. The height and weight of Mill are 171 cm and 54 kg respectively. The position this Kpop star in the group is the main rapper and the vocalist. Mill is also good at soccer and is inspired by Jay Park.

Nine (Jung Wookjin)

Last but not least, Nine is the Maknae of the Only one of Kpop group. The birthdate of Nine is 13th December 1999 and his age is 24 years. The zodiac sign of Nine is Sagittarius. His height and weight are 177 cm and 63 kg. Nine is also the vocalist of the group. Nine is a good listener, mood-maker, and the beast of the group.

The Onlyoneof group’s oldest member is KB whose current age is 23 years. Apart from this, the Fandom name of the group is Lyon. The group is also active on various social media platforms as well as the members have their personal accounts too on Instagram and Twitter. All the current and future event details, album lists, etc. can easily be obtained from the official website of the group.

How many Members in Onlyoneof Kpop Group?

Onlyoneof Kpop Group have 6 members, KB, Rie, YooJung, JunJi, Mill, and Nine.

Who is the Most Popular Member of Onlyoneof Band?

Junji, who is Lead Dancer, Vocalist, and Visual Of the group is the most popular member of the Onlyoneof Kpop Band.

Who is Onlyoneof maknae?

Nine, who is Vocalist in OnlyOneOf Kpop Group is the Maknae (Yougest member) of the Group.

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