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NCT is a famous boy band group that functions under SM Entertainment. The full name of NCT is Neo Culture Technology. NCT has been ranked in the Top 20 Kpop Groups and has one of the largest teams (with 23 members on board). SM Entertainment, who is the owner of the NCT Group announced the new band on 1st January 2016.

How many members are in NCT?

The band has around 23 members whose ages are somewhere between their late twenties and their mid-twenties where there was the participation of a total of four different subunits. All NCT members are excellent at what they do.

NCT members oldest to youngest?

The NCT members’ names along with NCT height are mentioned below. Furthermore, the NCT age order arranged here is from oldest to youngest.

NCT Members Name


NCT Birthday

NCT Height

NCT Weight

NCT Zodiac Sign


29 June 14, 1994 172 CM 60 KG Gemini


28 February 9, 1995 185 CM 70 KG Aquarius


28 July 1, 1995 174 CM 59 KG Cancer


28 October 26, 1995 176 CM 60 KG Scorpio


27 January 1, 1996 176 CM 60 KG Capricorn


27 February 1, 1996 178 CM 60 KG Aquarius


27 February 27, 1996 170 CM 59 KG Pisces


26 February 14, 1997 180 CM 63 KG Aquarius


25 October 28, 1997 180 CM 59 KG Scorpio


25 February 19, 1998 180 CM 58 KG Pisces


24 January 25, 1999 183 CM 65 KG Aquarius


24 August 2, 1999 174 CM 64 KG Leo


24 August 8, 1999 173 CM 58 KG Leo


24 September 28, 1999 175 CM 60 KG Libra


23 March 23, 2000 170 CM 57 KG Aries


23 April 23, 2000 178 CM 58 KG Taurus


23 6 June 2000 174 CM 57 KG Gemini


23 13 August 2000 175 CM 60 KG Leo


23 October 10, 2000 174 CM 54 KG Libra


23 November 25, 2000 178 CM 59 KG Sagittarius


22 13 September 2001 185 CM 65 KG Virgo


22 22 November 2001 179 CM 58 KG Sagittarius


21 February 5, 2002 180 CM 50 KG Aquarius


The nct profile of the group is as follows:-

Moon Taeil

Moon Taeil is 29 years old and his birthday falls on June 14, 1994. Taeil is 171 cm tall. He weighs somewhere around 60 kg. Furthermore, his zodiac sign is Gemini.

Johnny Suh

Johnny is 28 years old and he was born on February 9, 1995. He stands 185 cm tall and is an Aquarius. Furthermore, Johnny’s weight is 70kg approximately

Lee Taeyong

He is 175 cm tall. In terms of age, he is 28 years old and was born on 1 July 1995. Lee Taeyong’s zodiac sign is cancer. He weighs somewhere around 59 kg.

Nakamoto Yuta

Yuta is 176 cm tall and weighs around 60 kg. He is 28 years old and his birthday is on October 26, 1995. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Kun Qian

His height is 176cm. Like Yuta, Kun’s weight is also 60 kg. Kun is 27 years old. His birthday is on January 1, 1996. Kun’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Kim Doyoung

Kim Doyoung’s birthday is on February 1, 1996. Doyoung is 178 cm tall and he is 60 kg. Doyoung is 27 years old. Moreover, his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Ten Lee

Ten is around 170 cm tall. In the case of age, he is 27 years old. Ten weighs around 59 kg. His birthday is on February 27, 1996. Ten Lee’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

Jung Jaehyun

Jung Jaehyun’s birthday falls on February 14, 1997. His height is 180cm and is 63 kg. Jaehyun is around 26 years old. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.


He is 178 cm tall. Winwin is 25 years old. His birthday is on October 28, 1997. Winwin’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. In terms of weight, he weighs somewhere around 59 kg.

Kim Jungwoo

Jungwoo’s height is 180 cm. Jungwoo is 25 years old. His birthday is on February 19, 1998. Furthermore, Jungwoo’s zodiac sign is Pisces. Jungwoo is 58 kg in weight.

Lucas Wong

Lucas’s height is 183 cm and is 65 kg. Lucas is somewhere around 24 years old. His birthday is on January 25, 1999. The zodiac sign of this NCT member is Aquarius.

Mark Lee

Mark’s height is 175 cm. In terms of age, Mark is 24 years old. His birthday is on 2nd August 1999. He is a Leo. Mark is somewhere around 64 kg.


His height is 170 cm. Xiaojun is 24 years old. His birthday is on August 8, 1999. In terms of the zodiac sign, this member is also a Leo. Xiaojun is somewhere around 59 kg.

Hendery Wong

Hendery is somewhere around 170 cm. He is 24 years old. Hendery’s birthday is on September 28, 1999. Hendery is a Libra. His weight is 57 KG.

Renjun Huang

Renjun is somewhere around 170 cm tall. His birthday is on March 23, 2000. Furthermore, he is 23 years old. Renjun’s zodiac sign is Aries. Furthermore, he weighs 57 kgs.

Lee Jeno

Jeno’s height is 177 cm. He is 23 years old. Jeno’s birthday is on April 23, 2000. In terms of the zodiac sign, he is a Taurus. Jeno is 58 kg in weight.

Lee Haechan

Haechan is 175 cm tall. He is 23 years old. His birthday is on June 6, 2000. He is a Gemini. In terms of weight, he is 57 kg.

Na Jaemin

Jaemin’s overall height is 176.5 cm. He is 23 years old. His birthday falls on 13 August 2000. Jaemin is also a Leo. He weighs around 60kg.

Yangyang Liu

Yangyang is around 170 cm tall. He is 23 years old. Yangyang’s birthday falls on October 10, 2000. Yangyang’s zodiac sign is Libra. His weight is unknown yet. He is the NCT maknae of the band.

Oshaki Shotaro

He is the NCT new member who was added in 2020. His birthday falls on November 25, 2000, and he is 23 years old. He stands 170 cm tall and weighs. Shotaro’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. His weight has not been revealed yet.

Jung Sungchan

The second latest member to have been added to the group is Jung Sungchan who is 22 years old. Sungchan’s birthday is on September 13, 2001. He is also 170 cm tall and weighs 65 kg. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

Chenle Zhong

His height is 177 cm and weighs 58 kg. Chenle is around 22 years old and his birthday is on November 22, 2001. Like Shotaro, he is also a Sagittarius.

Park Jisung

He is 180 cm tall and weighs around 50 kg. Jisung is 21 years old. His birthday is on February 5, 2002. He is an Aquarius.

FAQs Related to NCT Kpop Group

When did NCT Kpop Group Debuted?

The Debut date of NCT Kpop Group is 1st January 2016.

How many members in NCT Group?

There are total 23 members in NCT Group. You can read the detail profile of each of them here.


Before the members made their official debut as an NCT, most of the band members were working under SM Entertainment of the pre-debut team of SMROOKIES and it was done under the name of SR14B which is SMROOKIES 14 Boys. Thus, these are everything that was there to know about the nct kpop profile.

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