Momoland Members Age, Birthday, Height, Weight and Zodiac Sign

“Get your ticket. Hello, we are MOMOLAND!”

Yes, this popular phrase belongs to a girl group from Korea named MOMOLAND. Ever since their debut in the Korean K-pop industry, they have not only won the hearts of music lovers in Korea but globally. Are you willing to learn about the Momoland group and group members? Well, then you have landed on the right page. Here you go with complete details regarding the group members in detail.

Momoland made its debut on 10th November 2016. The group was introduced by Duble Kick Company which is now known as MLD Entertainment. The group consists of six female members from Korea. The very first mini album they made their debut with is “Welcome to Momoland” during which the group was formed with seven members. The group was formed by members namely Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, Jooe, Ahin, Nancy, and Yeonwoo. However, in the year 2017, two new members joined the group that is Taeha and Daisy after which the group had nine members. Later on 30th December 2019, Yeonwoo and Taeha announced their departure from the group. And lastly, Daisy left the group in 2020. Hence, the group currently includes only six members.

Momoland Members Kpop Profile

Momoland Members name

Momoland Birthday

Momoland Age

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Momoland Weight

Momoland Zodiac Signs


12th January 1996 27 5’5″ (165 cm) 44 KG Capricorn


20th December 1997 26 5’6″ (166 cm) 44 KG Sagittarius


31st July 1998 25 5’6″ (167 cm) 48 KG Leo


18th August 1999 24 5’5″ (164 cm) 46 KG Leo


27th September 1999 24 5’3″ (160 cm) 44 KG Libra


13th April 2000 23 5’4″ (162 cm) 46 KG Aries

Momoland Members Kprofile – Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

Are you also among the people searching for various details about Momoland members? Here is a brief introduction of all the group members including their current age, birthday, height, weight, and zodiac sign.


Hyebin, also known as Hyeb Jjang or Hyebni, was born on 12th January 1996 in Andong, South Korea. The original name of Hyebin is Lee Hye Bin. Her current age is 27 years while her zodiac sign is Capricorn. The height and weight of this beautiful performer are 165 cm and 44 kg respectively. Hyebin is the leader, vocalist, and main rapper of the group.


This Korean beauty came into the world on 20th December 1997 in Changwon. The birth name of Jane is Sung Ji Yeon. Her current age is 26 years. The zodiac sign of Jane is Sagittarius. Her height of Jane is 166 cm while her weight is 44 kg. The position of Jane in the band is the main dancer, rapper, and vocalist.


This MOMOLAND member was born on 31st July 1998 in Seoul, South Korea. Her birth name of Nayun is Kim Na Yun while her English name is Michelle. The age of Nayun is 25 years while her zodiac sign is Leo. The height and weight of Nayun are 167 cm and 48 kg respectively. The position of Nayun in the group is a vocalist and a rapper.


Jooe was born on 18th August 1999 in Seoul and her birth name is Lee Joo-Won. The current age of Jooe is 24 years while her zodiac sign is Leo. The height of Jooe is 164 cm while her weight is 46 kg. Jooe is the lead vocalist, lead dancer, lead rapper, and center of the group. Again, she is also the face of the group.


Ahin was born on 27th September 1999 and her birth name is Lee Ah In. She was born in Wonju, South Korea and her current age is 24 years. The zodiac sign of Ahin is Libra. The height and weight of Ahin are 160 cm and 44 kg respectively. She is the main vocalist of the Kpop group.


Talking about this member of momland, she was born on 13th April 2000 and her birth name is Nancy Jewel Mcdonie. Her current age is 23 years while her zodiac sign is Aries. r height of Nancy is 162 cm while her weight is 46 kg. The position of Nancy in the group is the lead vocalist, lead dancer, visual, and center. Nancy is also the Maknae of the group.

Considering the ages of the members of MOMOLANDS, Hyebin is the eldest member of the group while the youngest of the group is Nancy. Hyebin is also the leader of the group. In the year 2019, rumors were spread of the group getting disbanded. However, the MLD Entertainment confirmed that Yeonwoo and Taeha officially departed from the group, while other members would promote the group.

As per announced by Jane, the fan club name of the mo mo land group is “Merry-GO-Round” as it is a carousel. Since their debut, the group is said to be a group that heals through the MOMOLAND Songs, and people of nearly all ages enjoy them too.

The group is present nearly on every social media page including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, V Live, Fan Café, and even TikTok. Apart from this, the group also has its very own official website from where the fans can get to know about their performances, events, songs, etc. and also book tickets for their next event.

When did Momoland Debuted?

Momoland kpop band debuted on debuted on November 10, 2016.

Who is the Most Popular Member of Momoland Band?

Nancy, who plays Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, Center role in momoland is the most popular group member of momoland kpop band.

Who is Momoland maknae?

Nancy who is the youngest member of Momoland is the Maknae of the group.

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