Top 10 Facts About Momo (TWICE)

When it comes to the popular female dancers from the Kpop industry, Momo is a name that surely comes to the mind of every Kpop fan. While performing on the stage, she surely captivates the eyes and hearts of the viewers even when other talented performers of TWICE group are performing.

Within a short period after her debut, people were eager to learn every small detail about her. The internet was looking for searches like what is the full name of Momo, how old is Momo, what is the age of Momo, what are her hobbies, and much more.

Top 10 Facts About Momo (TWICE)

Are you also a huge fan of her amazing dance moves? Here are the top 10 facts related to Momo from TWICE to know her with additional interest.

#1 Momo was born on 9th November 1996 in Kyotanabe City, Japan. Talking about Momo age, she is 26 years, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

#2 Momo’s family includes her parents and one older sister. Dancing is in the blood of Momo as her old sister Hana is also a dancer. Momo and her sister attended the Step Out Studio while they were living in Osaka.

#3 From a young age, Momo dreamed to be a part of the Kpop world, and her dream came true when she got a chance to perform in the music video in which she performed with Lexy, a Kpop idol.

#4 She has three dog pets from the Jack Russell Terriers breed whom she has named Pudding, Lucky, and Petco, and one Norwich Terrier named Boo.

#5 Her official position in the group is of a sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, and dancer.

momo twice

#6 She was selected by JYP Entertainment when she performed in a dance video with her sister for YouTube after which she was called for an audition, however, her sister wasn’t selected.

#7 Momo Kpop initially planned to make her debut under JYP Entertainment however, the video got canceled and she participated in Seventeen.

#8 During her training, she performed with Dahyun and Mina in a Japanese video R.O.S.E by Wooyoung from 2PM.

#9 She is voted as the cutest member of the TWICE group.

#10 Momo TWICE avoids drinking water and prefers to drink flavored beverages.

Momo Hirai is counted among the best dancers of the 3rd generation of girl group members. She has also performed in various shows including Flower Crew, Dogs are Incredible, We will eat well, and many more.

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