What is May Zodiac Sign? – Sun Sign of May Born People

Let’s Find out What is your Zodiac Sign if you are born in May Month’s Any date. As per Astrology, There is a total of 12 Zodiac Signs, and 12 signs are distributed between 12 months. So, People who were born in May Month will have a specific zodiac sign. We are here to specify the zodiac signs for the people who were born in May month’s any date.

What is the May Zodiac Sign?

We used our Zodiac Sign Calculator to find out ‘what is May zodiac sign‘ is. So, below is the Answer for May Born people.

  • If you are born between the 1st of May to the 20th of May Month, Your Zodiac Sign is Taurus.
  • And If your Birthday Falls Between the 21st of May and to 31st of May Month, Your Zodiac Sign is Gemini.

Half of the Taurus sign falls in April Month, as Taurus Sign Dates are April 20 to May 20. While half of the Gemini sign falls in June Month as Gemini Sign Dates are May 21 to June 20. So, Now you know Your Sun sign or say Zodiac Sign by your date of birth.

Personality Traits of May Zodiac Sign Born

People who are born in May Month (Taurus and Gemini Zodiac signs) are Very devoted, responsible, stable, Gentle, affectionate, and curious.

Also, May Born (Taurus and Gemini Zodiac signs) is considered to be Uncompromising, Nervous, and Inconsistent.

The Lucky numbers for Taurus signs are 2, 6, 9, 12, and 24 and the Lucky Numbers For Gemini signs are 5, 7, 14, and 23. And the Lucky Color for Taurus is Green and Pink, While The lucky Color for Gemini is Light-Green and Yellow.

You can read more about Lucky – Unlucky of Taurus and Luck – Unlucky of Gemini here.

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What is the zodiac sign for May 17?

If You are born on May 17th, Your Zodiac sign is Taurus.

What zodiac sign is May 29th?

If You are born on May 29th, Your Zodiac sign is Gemini.

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