Maxis Balance Check Code – How to Check Maxis Balance Via Code?

Maxis Communications or say Maxis Berhad is a telecommunication company from Malaysia. Established in the year 1993, Maxis is among the largest and oldest telecommunication services in the country. The main reason is the GSM network that serves the customers with smooth calling facilities throughout Malaysia. Again, even the tourists from different countries prefer using Maxis as it also gives special services to the travellers.

No doubt, the headquarters of the telecom service company is in Kuala Lumpur, it also operates in various countries like South America, North Africa, and Asia. Maxis provides both postpaid and prepaid SIM cards and operates on LTE and 4G networks with more than 6.3 million subscribers. Maxis helps with various simple alternatives that are quick and easy to use Maxis code number for checking the balance.

How to check Maxis balance?

Talking about checking the SIM card balance, there are three basic methods provided by Maxis.

  • Through Maxis USSD Codes
  • Through Maxis App
  • Through Maxis self-care web portal

So, through this piece of information, let’s learn about all the different methods in detail.

Through Maxis USSD Codes

The Maxis telecom users can keep a watch on their balance through Maxis USSD code or shortcodes that are quite easy to remember. Here are the codes the subscribers need to use.

Maxis USSD codes for Maxis Subscribers:

  • For checking Maxis balance, use the USSD code *122# for both postpaid and prepaid SIM card users.
  • For opening Maxis Easy Menu, use the USSD code *100# as the Maxis code.
  • Apart from this, the users can also use Maxis check balance code 1800 821 123 or 123 from the registered numbers.

Some other USSD codes used by Maxis users:

  • For enabling Maxis 3G data – dial *136#.
  • For turning off Maxis 3G data – dial *136*4#.
  • For activating Maxis background music – dial *177#.
  • For checking the personal Maxis phone number – dial *139#.
  • For activating phone book backup – dial *135#.
  • For deactivating phone book backup – dial #135#.
  • For activating Maxis GPRS – dial *133#.

Henceforth, these are some of the important USSD codes that Maxis users can use for various services.


Checking Maxis Balance Using Maxis Mobile Application:

Maxis check balance is an online approach for checking the balance of Maxis phone number. However, to check the balance in this way, the mobile needs an active internet connection and Maxis mobile application on the smartphone.

Once you have downloaded the application, here are the steps you need to follow for checking Maxis balance online.

  • Firstly, install the Maxis mobile application on your phone.
  • Open the app and log in using your Maxis registered number or email address and password.

Once you log-in to the application, you shall get a dashboard that would reveal all the primary information regarding your mobile number like data consumption, Maxis balance information, expiry date, etc.

Using Maxis Care Account For Checking Balance

This is another good alternative for the Maxis users who want to avoid the downloading process. This method is much similar to the app but doesn’t use the phone memory. However, it should be noted that it would utilize the internet data as it is an online approach for checking balance for Maxis. Here are the instructions you need to follow for checking the Maxis balance.

  • Visit the official website of Maxis.
  • Sign up or Log in using your Maxis account details.

Once you have logged in, the dashboard would open revealing your actual primary balance, its validity, and other essential details.

Checking your Maxis SIM Card Postpaid Bill:

The Maxis postpaid customers can very easily check their bill details. They can also download, print, and even view their previous as well as current bills with merely a few clicks. The process of checking bills is much similar to that of prepaid balance checks. The customers can also maintain multiple accounts using the same device, app, or website for paying bills from anywhere, anytime. Yet, here are some quick ways to check the postpaid bill.

Checking postpaid bill via Maxis App:

For using the Maxis App to check your postpaid bill, the customers have to follow the method given above. Once you have downloaded and installed the Maxis app, you simply need to give a click on the Bills option. Once the bills are available, you can either view, download or print the bill. The app also allows you to email the bill to your email address.

Checking the postpaid bill via Maxis Care:

For checking the bill through the Maxis Care account online, you first have to log in to the Maxis care account. Once you have logged in, a dashboard would appear mentioning details like your current bill due amount, your due date, etc. Next, you have to give a click on bills and allow the bill to download. Once you have downloaded the bill you can view it and get it printed as well.

FAQs Related to Maxis Balance Check

What is USSD Code for Maxis Balance?

*122# is Ussd code to check Maxis Balance.

How to check Balance of Maxis Via Call?

You can Dial 123 or 1800 821 123 to check maxis balance via call.

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