Mamamoo Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

Mamamoo is a girl group from South Korea. This group was formed by RBW, formerly known as WA Entertainment in the year 2014. The group is composed of four members namely Wheein, Solar, Hwasa, and Moonbyul. As their official single debut, the band did debut with their single known as ‘ Mr. Ambiguous’ in the year June 18, 2014. The band is famous for its jazz, retro, R&B concepts along with their power pack vocal performances.

All about the band: Mamamoo Members

Members name Age (in Years) Birthdate Height Weight
Solar 32 21st February 1991 161 CM 43 KG
Wheein 28 17th April 1995 159 CM 43 KG
Hwasa 28 23rd July 1995 160 CM 44 KG
Moonbyul 31 22nd December 1992 163 CM 45 KG

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Solar’s real name is Kim Yong Sun. Her birthday is on February 21, 1991. Thus, her Korean age is 29 whereas her international age is 32. Solar’s height is 161 cm. As of current times, her weight is 43 kg. Furthermore, Solar, Mamamoo’s member nationality is South Korean and she completed her education at Modern K Music Academy University.


Though her stage name is Wheein, her birth name is Jung Whee in. Wheein’s date of birth is April 17, 1995, and according to that, her Korean age is 25 whereas her international age is 28. Apart from this, her nationality is South Korean. Wheein, Mamamoo’s member is 159 cm in height. In terms of weight, it is 43kg.


Hwasa’s birth name is Ahn Hye Jin. Her date of birth is July 23, 1995. So, her Korean age is 25 whereas her international age is 28. Hwasa, Mamamoo’s member height is 160 cm and in terms of weight, she weighs 44 kg. Her nationality is South Korean. Finally, she completed her


Moonbyul’s birth name is Moon Byul Yi. Her date of birth is December 22, 1992. Thus, Moonbyul, Mamamoo’s member Korean age is 28 whereas her international age is 31. In terms of height, she is 163 cm long and she weighs 45 kg. Her nationality is South Korean.

mamamoo members

Discography: Mamamoo

Some old groups commonly release either mini-album or digital singles whenever they debut, unlike them, Mamamoo went on doing three of their pre-debut songs which were in fact collaborations with other artists. Their first song is Don’t Be Happy which stars rapper Bumkey. This song is released on January 8, 2014.

After that, a month later only, they again collaborated with Wheesung Peppermint Chocolate and K.Will was available on their music sites and later went on hitting number 11 on the Gaon Digital Chart. Furthermore, Mamamoo and Geek’s collaboration known as HeeHeeHaHeHo went on releasing in late May.

After they introduced themselves to the public, the audience went gaga on their soothing voice and synchronization. The girl group’s first official debut was a mini-album known as Hello. In terms of their music video, it comprises of various guest appearances from famous artists such as Jung Joon-young, Baek Ji-young, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun, K.Will, Wheesung along with the latest new music’s CEO Rhymer.

Filmography: Mamamoo

Just like many regular idol groups, this very girl group has been invited to several shows. The group often appeared on Weekly Idol. Thow aired on MBC Every1, Mamamoo was invited as the guest cast of the show Weekly Idol in both the years of 2017 and 2019. On the show, the group did various fun activities and games, for instance asking questions to fans and so on.

Later in 2016, Mamamoo went on joining the Gfriend in the idol variety program known as Showtime. This show has invited many regular groups as well in its earlier seasons such as SISTAR, Infinite and more. The show, Showtime is all about the activities where the guest group which in this case is Mamamoo, will show their daily activities to their audience along with missions with GFriend.

Concerts and tours: Mamamoo

The girl group, Mamamoo started hosting their concerts and shows after debuting for two years. The group has managed to attract audiences not only from their home country but also from overseas for instance Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and more. The number of concerts that the band has hosted until now are as follows:

  • Moosical, in Seoul, South Korea (2016)
  • Moosical: Curtain call, in Seoul and Busan, South Korea (2017)
  • 4 seasons S/S, in Seoul, Taipei, and Hong Kong (2018)
  • Mamamoo’s first concert tour in Japan, in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo (2018)
  • Mamamoo’s Showcase live tour in Japan– Back Stage, in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. (2019)


The name of the group usually symbolizes the desire of the group so that they can reach out to the fans healthily and organically via their music. Originally, Mamamoo is a sound that babies usually make, and here ‘mama’ refers to mother. The girl group’s fandom is known as MooMoo which describes the enhanced relationship that the fandom shares with their band. The girl group, Mamamoo is a very talented group. Each girl of the group excels at what she particularly does.

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