Top 10 Facts About Lee Know (Stray Kids)

If you are attracted to the Kpop music industry, Lee is sure to be included in your list of favorite Kpop singers. His actual name of Lee is Lee Min-Ho and he is a member of the renowned Stray Kids group of Kpop singers. Lee changed his name as it is a quite common name in the music industry and he wanted to create a unique impression for himself and his fans. Singing and dancing are his passions.

Top 10 Facts About Lee Know (Stray Kids)

Want to know some interesting facts about this talented celebrity? If yes, simply scroll down to read the top 10 facts about Lee.

#1 Lee was born on 25th October 1998 in Gimpo, South Korea. He is the only child of a Korean couple and he is an atheist too.

#2 He is very fond of cats and has three cats as pets named Dory, Doongie, and Soonie.

#3 He has completed his graduation from the Department of Electronic Calculator at Gimpo Jeil Technical High School.

#4 Jungwoo, a member of the NCT group, was a schoolmate of Lee who attended the same school, graduating in the Department of Computer Applied Machinery.

#5 Lee has a huge list of nicknames including Butt Hunter, Handsome Psycho, Dancing Jewelry, a Dancing sculpture man, Tsundere, The Gimpo’s Lee, 4-D, LeeCasso, Lee Rino, and many more.

lee know

#6 His list of hobbies includes creating dancing choreography, listening to music, and watching movies.

#7 Prior to joining the Stray group, he was connected with the BTS group as a backup dancer during which he also went to Japan for a stage performance.

#8 According to I.N. Lee Know is the second most handsome member of the Stray group.

#9 The two personalities who are lookalikes of Lee are Kim Dongjun from Ze:A and Yamazaki Kento.

#10 He was popular by the name Dancing Sculpture-Like Man, however, later he changed his nickname to Dancing Jewelry as according to him, his existence is like a jewel.

Apart from all these, this Scorpio personality isn’t a picky eater, however, he loves to enjoy strawberry ice cream. When asked, he wished to perform in variety shows “Radio Star” and “Law of the Jungle”. Ok Taecyeon from the K-pop group 2PM is his role model. While working as a backup dancer with BTS, Lee has performed on various stage appearances like Blood Sweat & Tears, Fire, Lost, MAMA, Begin, and Not Today.

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