Land Bank

1 Bemina 5217 Kanals Development  of Bemina Barthana Housing colony and Govt. Offices

Note: the land was originally Rakh land

2 Parimpora 325 kanals-3 marlas-204 sft at Parimpora Dev. of fruit Mandi Parimpora
3 Parimpora 274 Kanals of land at Parimpora Dev. Of  truck terminal Parimpora
4. Nallahmar Road 119 Kanal 6 Marlas from Khanyar to Noorbagh (Nallamar Project) Dev. Of 4 Km. Nallamar road and construction of shops.
5. Bemina 7.19Kanals at Bemina For construction of 60 ft. wide road
6. Batamaloo 72 Kanal 03 marlas 109 sft at Tengpora Batamaloo Dev. Of road to connect General Bus Stand to National High Way Bye pass.
7. Sheikhbagh 13.20 kanal of land at Abiguzar (SMG yard) Constt. Of commercial complex.  In lieu, 64 Kanals at Bemina have been provided to SMG for constt. of office complex etc.
8. lalchowk 2.18 Kanals of land at Court Road. Constt. Of multipurpose commercial complex. In exchange 8.50 Kanals have been provided to Excise Deptt. for construction of office complex at Doodganga/Aloochibagh
9. M.A Road(Old SRTC yard) 74.11 Kanals of land at M.A Road (Old SRTC Yard) Constt. Of multipurpose commercial complex.  In exchange 50 Kanals at Parimpora & 100 Kanals at Bemina for construction of office complex works shops etc.
10 parimpora 6 kanals at Parimpora Fruit Mandi
11. Panthachowk 372 Kanals of land at Panthachowk. Dev. Of Ref. Bus Stand.
12. Samboora 30 Kanals of land at Samboora Installation of lime kiln.
13. Rawalpora 3 Kanals of land at Rawalpora Shopping Block
14. Wazirbagh 1 Kanal of land at wazirbagh Construction of shops.
15. Gonikhan 3 Kanals of land at Gonikhan Constt. Of shops
16. LalMandi 3 Kanals -17 M-204 sft at lal – Mandi Masjid. Construction of park and reading room.
17. Rajourikadal 1K-08M-199 sft Rajouri kadal Dev. Of Park
18. Bohrikadal 6 Kanal at Bohrikadal Transferred to R&B Department.
19. Rajourikadal 4.19 kanals at Syed Sahib Rajouri kadal Dev.  Of community hall.
20. Rakh-Gund Aksha. 4200 Kanals of Rukh land at Rakh Gund Aksha. 440 Kanals have been taken over from kamas against payment of improvement charges @ Rs. 40,000/- per kanal. An amount of Rs. 190 lacs have been advanced to Rakhs and Farms Deptt. The kamas approached the Hon’ble Court and further acquisition got stayed.
21. Bulbul lankar 1K-08M-22sft at Bulbul lanker Dev. Of park and improvement Rinchan Shah Tomb.
22. I.G.Road 6 Kanals-15 M at Old Chari Sharief Adda opposite Iqbal park Construction of commercial complex
23. Nazool land at various places 823 Kanals-8 Mls-262 sft of Nazool land at various places. The land is mostly open in the shape of Polo Ground and city channels.
24. Batamaloo 200 Kanals at Batamaloo General Bus Stand Batamaloo.
25. Tatoo Ground 8 Kanal-15 Ml s at Tatoo ground Construction of commercial complex.
26. Doodganga 167 Kanals in Doodganga Nallah Constt. Of revenue yielding assets and partly allotted to various Deptt.
27. Boulvard 26 Kanals-6 Mls at Boulvard Partly developed for Taxi Stand, partly parking lot, park and parking lot has been resumed by the Evacuee Deptt.
28. Residency Road 1 kanal & 19 marlas at Residency Road Dev. Of Parking lot
29. Nehru park 3 Kanals at Nehru Park Development of Parking lot
30. Noorbagh 65 Kanals at Noorbagh Developed as Rehabilitation colony for Jhelum dwellers.
31. Sumerbugh 150 kanals at Samarbug Developed as Reh. Colony for Schuntikul.
32. Batamaloo 3 kanals at Batamaloo For construction of Community Hall.
33. Soura 2 kanals at Soura For development of Mini Bus Stand.
34. Harwan 6 Kanals at Harwan Development of  Mini Bus Stand.
35. Shalteng 242 kanals-17 Marlas at Shalteng Development of regional Bus Stand.
36. Sheikhbagh 13.11 Kanals at SheikhBagh For commercial cum parking complex.
37. SanatNagar 4 Kanals of land at Sanatnagar For construction of Sumo Stand
38. Rampora 24.11 Kanals of land at Rampora For construction of revenue yielding assets. However the Dy. Commissioner Srinagar have muted 2 Kanals-19 Marlas-48 sft under Roshni Act.