Top 10 Facts About Kim Hong Joong ATEEZ

When talking about the ATEEZ group, one can surely not miss discussing Hongjoong, the leader of the group. He is not only a great leader of the group but also a talented and most adored personality in the Kpop industry.

Hongjoong, whose birth name is Kim Hongjoong, was born on 7th November 1998 in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He is positioned as the singer and rapper of the group. Are you also looking for some interesting facts or details about this talented celebrity? Here are the top 10 facts about Hongjoong that are sure to make you crazy for him.

Top 10 Facts About Kim Hong Joong ATEEZ

#1 Hongjoong is not only an amazing singer and rapper but also an incredible artist who loves to write and produce songs for the group.

#2 The family of Hongjoong includes a father, a mother, and an older brother who is also a contemporary dancer.

#3 According to an interview given by Hongjoong, his role models are G-Dragon who is a businessman and a rapper, and Zico who is a popular rapper.

#4 To your surprise, Hongjoong is very fond of the minions.

#5 The list of hobbies of Hongjoong includes outdoor activities and sports. However, above everything, he loves music and is most of the time seen composing songs or listening to them.

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#6 His favorite colors are yellow and red while he enjoys yogurt, meat, and chicken in meals. He also likes Plum blossom flower. Apart from this, he also loves piercings and wants to have more on his body in the future.

#7 The MBTI personality of Hongjoong ATEEZ is INFP, and hence, his characteristics are imaginative, creative, open-minded, and calm. He is an amazing mediator with a passion for his inner life.

#8 The friend list of Hongjoong includes Mingi and Seonghwa. Friends from other groups include Bang Chan from the STRAY KIDS group.

#9 As he is very good at talking, he is mostly seen answering questions at the time of interviews.

#10 In his every performance, he adds signature laughter at the beginning of the rap parts.

Apart from all these, Kim Hong Joong prefers to go with natural scents compared to artificial ones. Compared to other members of the ATEEZ group, Hongjoong is said to have dyed his hair the most. The list of his nicknames includes Korean Big Minion, Hongie, MiniHongs, Kim Strawberry, Jjoong, Blueberry, Hong Leader, Hongthoven, Genius Composer, and many more.

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