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Out of the many famous and influential South Korean bands in the world, Kara is one of them comprised of girls and the group was formed by DSP Media in the year 2007. The final lineup of the group before they went on initial disbandment was primarily composed of four members. Apart from that, Jiyoung and Nicole bid farewell to the band in the year 2014 but they, however, joined the group again in 2022 on the 15th anniversary of the group. apart from this, the ex-Kara member known as Sung-hee left the group in 2008. The main motive for naming the band,’ Kara’ is because the word is derived from ‘Chara’ which comes from the Greek word when interpret means ‘sweet melody’.

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Kara Zodiac Sign

Gyuri 21st May 1988 35 5’3” 45 KG Gemini
Seungyeon 24th July 1988 35 5’3” 43 KG Leo
Nicole 7th October 1991 32 5’6” 46 KG Libra
Jiyoung 18th January 1994 29 5’6” 45 KG Capricorn
Youngji 30th August 1994 29 5’6” 49 KG Virgo

KARA Member’s Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

Everything about the members of the group including the Kara members’ ages is discussed briefly. The active Kara members are as follows:-

kara members


The kara profile of this member is that Nicole is her stage name whereas her birthname is Jung Yong Joo. Apart from this, she also has an English name that is Nicole Jung. In the band, Kara shoulders the responsibility of a vocalist, main dancer as well as a main rapper. Nicole was born in 1991 on the 7th of December which means as of now, her age is 32 years. She is one of the members of Kara who was born in Los Angeles, California of United States. When it comes to her physical standards, she stands a slide 165 cm tall and her weight is somewhere around 45 kg.


The birth name of this band member is Park Gyu Ri and in the group, her responsibility is that of a leader as well as a lead vocalist. Apart from this, she was born on 21st May 1988 and her age as of now is 35 years. Gyuri was born in Seoul, South Korea. Gemini is the zodiac sign of this band member. In terms of his physical appearance, her height is 160 cm and his weight is around 45 kg.


Though her stage name is Seungyeon, her birth name is Han Seung Yeon. Her role in the band is that of the main vocalist. Apart from this, this band member was born on 1988 24th July which means as of now, she is 35 years old. Further, the height and weight of Seungyeon are said to be 160 cm and 43 kg respectively. Her blood group is A and she was born in South Korea’s Seoul.


The full birth name of this band member is Kang Ji Young who is not only the rapper but also the visual as well as the vocalist of the group. She was born in 1994 on 18th January and this means as of now she is 29 years old. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn and she stands a solid 168cm tall. Jiyoung blood type is O. Jiyoung was born and brought up in Paju, Gyeonggi, South Korea. This band member joined the group only after Sunghee left the group.


Though her stage name is Youngji, her birth name is said to be Hur Young ji/ Heo Young ji. Her role in Kara is that of a lead dancer, vocalist, and main rapper. Apart from this, she is also the maknae of the girl group. Apart from this, Youngji was born on 30th August of 1994 which means as of now she is only 29 years old. When it comes to her physical appearance, she stands 166 cm tall and her weight is 49 kg. Furthermore, her blood type is A. before joining the band, she was an active trainee under the Core Content Media. Finally, Youngji managed to join the group only after bagging first place in Kara Project on the 1st of July 2014.

Apart from the active members mentioned, there is also a former of the band that has been mentioned below:-


The birth name of Sunghee is Kim Sung Hee and in the band, she was playing the role of the main vocalist. Sunghee was born in 1989 on the 17th of May. In terms of her zodiac sign, she is Taurus and her height is said to be around 165 cm tall. She has a nationality of Korean as she was born in Gangnam in Seoul of South Korea.


Therefore, Kara, a K-pop group started in 2007 with initial members and debuted with their first album known as The First Blooming. The girl group debuted with a song that exhibited a solid female image along with some R&B sound and their debuted album is ‘The First Blooming’. Some of the other songs in their debut album are ‘Secret World’, and ‘If U Wanna’. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about Kara members.

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