Jio to Airtel Port Offer 2023 – How to Port Jio to Airtel Guide

Airtel is among the leading telecom companies in India. It serves various monthly subscription plans and levels. Airtel is a service provider the users can enjoy amazing network availability and fast internet connection that the users wish to enjoy after switching their number. However, there are various people, particularly Jio users who are unaware of how they can apply for Jio to Airtel port.

Through this piece of information, let’s learn how one can switch their service provider from Jio to Airtel with a detailed process.

How to port Jio to Airtel?

Be it a post-paid connection or a prepaid connection of Jio, both the types can be ported to Airtel with the help of the official website of Airtel. Along with the request of porting the number, you need to submit your identity proof and residential proof. Here are the steps you need to follow for porting your Jio number to Airtel with the help of the online procedure.

Airtel SMSC Number UP

#1 Porting Via SMS for Prepaid users:

Want to adopt the Jio to Airtel port offer that’s very easy? Here is a complete process of using the port facility through SMS.

  • Open the Messaging application on your cell phone.
  • Type a message “PORT” space “Your Mobile Number”.
  • Send this message to the number 1900.

Once the message is delivered to 1900, the customer receives a UPC or Unique Porting Code against the request sent to port the number. This code is valid for 4 days, and the customer needs to visit any nearby Airtel store along with necessary documents for getting the number ported within a week. The customers can also visit the official website of Airtel for using the UPC and getting their number ported.

Jio to Airtel Port Offer

#2 Porting for Post Paid connections:

For the postpaid JIO connections, there are two plans to select from at the time of porting their number.

  • For Single Users:

The single-user plan for the people porting the number from JIO to Airtel costs nearly Rs.499/month. The primary benefits of this plan include unlimited calls on any local and national numbers, free-roaming, 100 free SMS daily, 75 GB monthly data, handset protection for 1 year, subscription to Amazon Prime, Airtel Xstream, and Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

  • For Family Plan:

The JIO users can also opt for a family plan at the time of porting their number. They are liable to enjoy all the benefits that single users are provided. Along with it, they are also being provided 150GB of monthly data for 4 users.

Airtel Talktime & Data Loan Code

Jio to Airtel Port Online:

The Jio users can also port their number from Jio to Airtel by online method. For doing so, the Jio users need to visit the official website of Airtel. On the website, there is a SIM porting form that needs to be filled out by the customer. Once the form is filled, some instructions would be provided to the JIO customer following which they would be able to port their number from JIO to Airtel.

Jio to Airtel Port Charges:

Talking about the charges for Jio port number facilities, there are no charges or fees to be paid for the porting process. The entire process is free of cost. However, once the number is ported from Jio to Airtel, the prepaid users need to carry out the first recharge of Rs.297. This recharge comes with a validity of 28 days. Apart from this, the users will also be liable to enjoy free access to Airtel Xstrem App and Wynk Music, unlimited calls to any network operator, 100 free SMS, and 1.5 GB of data till the plan is valid.

Jio to Airtel Port Benefits:

There can be several benefits to enjoy when one accepts the Jio sim port to Airtel offer. Some might want to port from Jio to Airtel due to network issues or slow internet. However, there are other benefits the users would enjoy. The list includes:

  • Free of cost porting facilities.
  • Same-day delivery of the SIM card.
  • Doorstep KYC through agents.
  • Minimum first recharge of Rs.297 for 28 days validity.
  • Access to various third-party apps streaming online.

How much time does the porting process take?

The process of porting the number from Jio to Airtel takes nearly 5 to 7 working days. During the process, the users are allowed to use their current Jio connection be it prepaid or post-paid. Once the entire process of porting the number is over, the existing SIM card stops working automatically.

Once the porting process is over, the customers will receive an SMS on an alternative number about the successful porting process. The SMS will also contain a tele-verification code. After entering the new Airtel SIM card, the customers will have to dial the 59059 number and give a call to verify the tele-verification code. Once the code is verified, the customers will be able to use the Airtel connection.

Why Port Jio To Airtel?

If you are fed up with Jio's slow network and call drop, you can change your network to Airtel without changing your Jio number.

How to port Jio to Airtel?

Its Very easy to Port from Jio to Airtel. You can get your Port ID by sending SMS to 1900 and you can order Sim card online from Airtel.

How Much Does It Cost To Port To Airtel?

Its totally free. You just need to recharge with Airtel after porting to Airtel, with validity and Balance.

What Is The Jio To Airtel Port Process?

The detail process of Jio to Airtel, how much time it takes and other details are mentioned in above article.

Can I Port My Jio SIM To Airtel Online?

Yes, you can. Just go to Airtel's website and request for new Sim card online.

Is There Any Jio to Airtel Port Offer?

Yes, there are many benefits and attractive offers for Porting your number from Jio to Airtel. Just visit the Aitel's official website to get more information on such offers.

How To Port Jio to Airtel Without Sending SMS?

For that, all you need to do is to visit the Airtel India's Website. There you can send your porting ID and request for home delivery of Sim card from Airtel.

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