Jio Cheapest Recharge Plans – Jio Phone All in One Plan

Jio introduces reliance on Jio’s Cheapest Recharge Plan. Jio has announced their new recharge plan worth Rs. 75 only. Yes, Now you can recharge with Rs. 75 and Rs. 91 in Jio and get maximum benefits.

Reliance Jio calls this recharge plan an All in One Plan. In this recharge plan, you will get all benefits of unlimited calling, Internet browsing, SMS, and much more. This recharge plan comes with Jio Phone.

How many Cheapest Plan offered by Jio Phone?

If you are using Jio Phone, you will get many cheapest plans or say cheapest recharge plans. As of now, the company has introduced two recharge plans for Rs. 100. Yes, one is an Rs. 75 recharge plan and another is Rs. 91.

Let’s talk about each of the recharge plans here in detail.

Rs 75 Recharge Plan by Jio Phone

This is the cheapest recharge plan by Jio, in which, the user has to recharge with Rs.75 from the Jio website. In this recharge plan, the user will get daily 100 MB of Data and 200 MB of extra Data as a promotional offer. Additionally, users will get unlimited calling benefits and 50 SMS as well. The validity of this plan will be 23 days only.

Apart from that, users will get free subscriptions to Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio security, and Jio Cloud as well.

Rs 91 Recharge plan by Jio Phone

Another Cheapest recharge plan by Jio is here. In this plan, the User needs to recharge with Rs.91 from Jio’s official website and he/she will get benefits of 100 + 200 MB of additional data daily, Also, the user will get unlimited calling to any network and 50 SMS benefits as well. The validity of this plan will be 28 days only. And as usual, you will get a free subscription to Jio Cinema, Jio Tv, Jio Security, and Jio cloud.

Jio Cheapest Recharge

Comparison of Two cheapest plans by Reliance Jio

Let’s compare the benefits you get with Rs.75 and Rs.91 recharge plans.

Recharge Plan Rs. 75 Rs. 91
Data 100+200MB Daily (2.5 GB total) 100+200MB Daily (3 GB total)
Call Unlimited Calling Unlimited Calling
SMS 50 50
Validity 23 days 28 days
Free Subscriptions Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio security, and Jio Cloud Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio security, and Jio Cloud

FAQs related to Jio Cheapest Recharge Plans

Can all Jio users get the option to recharge with Rs.75 and Rs.91 plans?

No, if you have Jio Phone, then only you will get the option to recharge with Rs.71 and Rs.91 recharge plans.

How much is the validity of both plans?

Reliance offers 23 days of validity with Rs. 75 plan and 28 days of validity with an Rs. 91 Recharge plan.

Do we need to pay any hidden charges for a free subscription?

No, Not at all. Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio security, and Jio Cloud are absolutely free with these recharge plans. The user does not need to pay anything.

Final words

These are two of Jio’s most powerful and cheapest recharge plans by Jio. Users should use this recharge plan to get maximum benefits at the lowest price. All companies are introducing such small recharge plans to attract new users, but Jio beats all of them with its unique free subscription feature.

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