Top 10 Facts About Jhope (BTS)

K-pop celebs are quite popular for their charm, implausible talent, and handsome faces. All the celebs are totally different from each other, however, the fans give different responses according to their inimitable charisma and individual personalities. And when it comes to an idol having a strong personality and the best leadership role, J-Hope is a name that surely ranks among the top idols.

BTS J Hope is not only a member of the BTS group but the leader of the group too. Born on 18th February 1994 in Gwangju, South Korea, J-Hope is not only the rapper of the group but also the source of energy and strength for the group members.

Top 10 Facts About Jhope (BTS)

Through this article, let’s explore some interesting facts about this BTS member and learn why he truly deserves this love from his fans.

#1 The birth name of J-Hope is Jung Ho Seok while his stage name is J-Hope.

#2 Before making his debut with BTS, J-Hope hated aegyo, however, he changed his mind later and joined an academy for dance and rap in Gwangju.

#3 Before making his debut, J-Hope was also a member of the street dancing team NEURON.

#4 J-Hope has also won a dance competition going underground as well as performed at a festival.

#5 Apart from being a good rapper, J-Hope is also a good tennis player. He used to play tennis in competitions and elementary school during which he also received a bronze medal.


#6 The motto of J-Hope is “If you don’t work hard, there won’t be good results”.

#7 J-Hope loves when his hair is stroked by someone, as according to him, this helps him to move to bed quickly, and this is a routine of his childhood too.

#8 J-Hope wants to steal the chocolate abs of Jimin and the rap skills of Rap Monster. He also wills to steal the English skills of Rap Monster.

#9 According to J-Hope his type of girl would be one who loves him, thinks a lot and has good cooking skills.

#10 On “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018” by TC Candler, J-Hope ranked in the 88th position.

Once J-Hope got popular after his introduction, his fans eagerly searched for how old is Jhope. The answer to this is Jung Hoseok age is 28 years currently this year. Apart from all these, J-Hope always brings joy and laughter to other members too.

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