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Since Kpop has been able to spread it’s famous and talent across every corner of the globe, one such band is Ive members. The band comprises six girls in a group which operates under Starship Entertainment. The name of all the Korean members of the group is Yujin, Wonyoung, Gaeul, Leeseo, and Liz. Apart from this, the band also has a Japanese member known as Rei.

The reason behind naming the group so is that ‘IVE’ stands for ‘I HAVE’. Some of the achievements of Ive members include them performing in the first group that debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2021 after the debut of CRAVITY in the year 2020. Hence, in terms of Ive members, kpop has become quite famous in many countries across the globe.

Ive debut date

This famous k-pop group made its debut on the 1st of December, 2021. They made their debut by releasing their debut single album, Eleven, which was led by the single under the same name. The broadcasted debut was made by the group on the Music Bank of KBS’2 on 3rd December where Eleven was performed. Later on the 14th of December, their debut album, ‘Eleven’, made it to the Billboard charts as it was ranked nine in the World Digital Song Sales.

When it comes to the debut of the group, it was highly anticipated provided that two of its members named, Yujin and Wonyoung were quite famous for being initial members of IZ*ONE. In terms of the rest of the members, they too managed to gain a huge amount of public interest with their charms and skills which were displayed in multiple and different performances and covers. Thus, in terms of Ive, kpop has been able to attract a huge amount of audience to the group.

How many members are in Ive?

The band consists of a total number of six Ive members and everything about them has been listed and discussed below including the Ive member age:-

IVE Members Name


IVE Birthday

IVE Height

IVE Weight

IVE Zodiac Signs


21 24 September 2002 164 CM 46 KG Libra


20 1 September 2003 172 CM 50 KG Virgo


19 3 February 2004 169 CM 47 KG Aquarius


19 31 August 2004 173 CM 49 KG Virgo


19 21 November 2004 170 CM 49 KG Scorpio


16 21 February 2007 166 CM 48 KG Pisces

IVE Members


She is the leader as well as the vocalist of the group. Her stage name is Yujin but her actual name is An Yu Jin she was born on the 1st of September, 2003, and is 20 years old. Yujin is Korean by nationality and her zodiac sign is Virgo. When it comes to height and weight, she is 172 cm tall and her weight is 55 kg approximately.


Gaeul is the dancer and rapper of the group. He is 21 years old and her birthday falls on the 24th of September, 2002. In terms of physical appearance, she stands 166cm tall and her weight is 46kg. Apart from that, her blood group is ‘A’. Gaeul was born in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea. When it comes to the zodiac sign, she is a Libra.


Rel plays the role of the rapper and vocalist of the group. Although her stage name is Rei, her birth name is Naoi Rei. Her birthday falls on the 3rd of February, 2004, and she is 19 years old. Rei’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. She stands 166 cm tall and weighs around 46 kg.


In the group, her role is of the vocalist. Although her stage name is Wonyoung, her name by birth is Jang Won Young. She is 19 years old and was born on 31st August 2004. Besides this, her zodiac sign is Virgo. In physical appearance, Wonyoung is 173 cm tall and weighs around 47 kg.


She is the vocalist of Ive. Her actual birth name is Kim Ji Won, although her stage name is Liz. She was born on the 21st of November, 2004, and is 19 years old. By nationality, she is Korean and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Liz was born in Jeju-do, South Korea. Her height is 169 cm and she weighs around 49 kg.


She is the vocalist of the group. Although her stage name is Leeseo, by birth, her name is Lee Hyun Seo. She is 16 years old and was born on the 21st of February, 2007. In terms of nationality, she is Korean. Besides this, her zodiac sign is Pisces. When it comes to her physical appearance, she is 170 cm tall and her weight is somewhere around 48 kg.

The above details cover everything regarding the Ive kpop profile. The members of Ive are great at what they do and therefore have hundreds and thousands of audiences spread all over the globe.


Thus, the first debut of the group was ‘ELEVEN’ having the first B-Side track ‘Take it. The tracks managed to gain an immense amount of popularity in a short period from K-pop fans all around the world. Subsequently, on the 13th of November, IV’s promotional teaser, ‘ HAVE WHAT WE WANT’ was released under Starship Entertainment. The teaser hence went on to gain around 2 million views in just days. This very interest reflected the stardom and influence that the group has. Therefore, these are everything that was there to know about the band concerning the Ive profile.

Who is the Most Popular Member of IVE Band?

Leeseo is the most popular member of IVE Kpop Band.

When did IVE debuted?

On 1st December, 2021, IVE Kpop Band debuted with ELEVEN Album (which was Top Chart Album).

What is Meaning of IVE?

IVE Is stand for I HAVE!

How many members in IVE Kpop Group?

IVE debuted with two members initially (Yujin and Wonyoung), later other members joined the Band.

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