Top 10 Facts About IU

Born on 16th May 1993, Lee Ji-Eun ranks among the most successful solo performers in the Kpop industry. Apart from being a solo performer, she is also an actor which has added to her efficacious career. Her stage name is IU while her nicknames are Nation’s Sweetheart and Nation’s Little Sister.

Top 10 Facts About IU

Are you interested in learning more about this popular solo artist? Scroll down and check out the top 10 exciting facts about IU.

#1 The main reason IU giving auditioned for JYP Entertainment is because she is a huge fan of Kim Tae-woo.

#2 In the initial period of her career, IU decided to manage both her studies and singing simultaneously. But failed as due to her music career, she missed her classes and her grades declined.

#3 Ji-Yeon and Suzy from T-ARA are best friends IU and all three were a part of a drama named Dream High.

#4 The actual meaning of her stage name IU is I and You or You and I which she created to give herself a unique name.

#5 When G-Dragon featured her in the track “Palette”, IU thanked him by gifting him a refrigerator that was filled completely with soju bottles.


#6 It was after struggling for 10 years, IU got her personal light stick in the year 2017. The shape of her light stick is similar to the microphone in white and silver color with the initials IU in the center in English. On lighting, the stick turns out neon yellow in color.

#7 IU also had a creepy experience while recording her single track “Good Day”. According to her, she experienced something supernatural when a ghost whispered “I love you” to her, and also blew air in her ears while she was sleeping in her dorm.

#8 When IU started acting for the first time, she said it came naturally to her and she wasn’t nervous or scared as she had imagined it would be.

#9 IU has a younger brother, who declared in an interview that he is a huge fan of her sister IU.

#10 In August 2013, IU was rumored to date Lee Hyun Woo when their picture went viral in the movie theater. Later her agency explained that the actors were merely good friends.

Apart from all these, the fandom name of IU is Uaena which means You Love Me, and her fandom color is Neon or Lime Green.

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