ITZY Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

ITZY is one of the most loved and popular kpop bands worldwide. And hence, people or fans from around the world are constantly looking for ITZY profile details like birthdates, ages, weight, height, and much more. Are you also looking for some details about the ITZY band girls? Here we go.

When did ITZY debut?

MIDZY or ITZY is a group of South Korean girls that came into the limelight in the year 2019. The ITZY debut date is 12th February 2019. The group was introduced by JYP Entertainment and it soon gained tremendous popularity and fame in a fraction of the time. The five ITZY names are Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Yuna, and Yehi.

Before making a debut through JYP Entertainment, all the members of the group had their own experience in the music industry. Chaeryeong participated in the K-pop Star 3, an SBS competition show in the year 2013. After that she was seen participating in SIXTEEN, a competition survival shows by JYP Entertainment in the year 2015. But she wasn’t able to become a part of the winner’s group, TWICE. On the other hand, Ryujin was also a participant in the survival show MININE by JTBC from the year 2017 to 2018. She initially grabbed first place for the girls, however, she lost the competition in the finals. Yeji was also a contestant on The Fan by SBS however, she got eliminated from the show in the 5th episode. Hence, all the ITZY members apart from Lia have participated in the reality show by Mnet against Stray Kids.

How old are ITZY members?

One of the most searched details about the ITZY group is the ITZY members age. As per the latest profile of the group members, the birthdate of Yeji is on 26th May 2000, and hence, her age is 23 years. The birthdate of Lia is 21st July 2000. Hence, her age is also 23 years. The birthdate of Ryujin falls on 17th April 2001, so her age is 22 years. Chaeryeong celebrates her birthday on 5th June 2001 and hence, she is also 22 years old. Yuna was born on 9th December 2003 so her age is 20 years. Henceforth, it can be concluded that the ITZY age of members falls between 18 to 22 years.

ITZY Members Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

ITZY Members Name


ITZY Birthday

ITZY Height

ITZY Weight

ITZY Zodiac Sign


23 May 26 2000 167 CM 46 KG Gemini


23 July 21 2000 162 CM 43 KG Cancer


22 April 17 2001 164 CM 47 KG Aries


22 June 5 2001 168 CM 46 KG Gemini


20 December 9 2003 170 CM 47 KG Sagittarius


All the members of the ITZY group are from South Korea, that is they come from a Korean ethnicity. Lia was also born in South Korea however, she moved to Canada and resided there for many years. The remaining four members of the group were born and raised in South Korea. Out of the five members of the ITZY group, Yeji and Chaeryeong are from the Gemini zodiac sign. Apart from that, Lia belongs to the Cancer zodiac sign, Ryujin belongs to the Aries sign, and Yuna belongs to the Sagittarius zodiac sign. All the group members also had to go through a particular training period. Lia had a training period of 2 years, Yeji and Yuna had a training period of 3 years, Ryujin had a training period of 4 years, and Chaeryeong’s training period was of 6 years.

ENHYPEN Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight

The second most searched detail about the ITZY group members is ITZY height and weight. The height and weight of Yeji is 167cm and 45kg respectively. The height of Lia is 162cm while her weight is 43kg. Ryujin has a height of 164cm while her weight is 47kg. The height of Chaeryeong is 168cm and his weight is 46kg. Lastly, the height and weight of Yuna are 170cm and 47kg respectively.

Talking about the ITZY positions, Yeji is the leader of the group as well as the main dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper in the group. Lia is the main vocalist of the musical group. Ryujin is the main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, and center member of the group. Chaeryeong is the main dancer as well as the vocalist of the group. Yuna is not only the lead rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist of the band but also the visual manager and the Maknae of the group.

Who is the Leader of ITZY?

The official leader of the ITZY group is Yeji, whose motto of life is “believe in yourself”. Her name in English is Lucy Hwang. On the other hand, as Lia was brought up in Canada and also studied there in an international school, she holds fluency in the English language. Ryujin is the main rapper of the group and was also a former participant of MixNine. She gained too much attention during the survival show which helped her join the ITZY group. Yuna was selected during the KBS song festival after which she joined the JYPE. She was first observed at the BTOB festival with her sister.

So, what information are you looking for about the ITZY group of girls?

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