Increase Network Speed in Airtel 4G – Solution for Airtel Users

The slow speed of the internet is the biggest turn off in this digital era. Whether you are watching your favourite web series or surfing through social media, slow internet can ruin it all. Although Airtel Telecom offers a very good 4G network, the high number of users in a specific area can interrupt the speed.

It’s essential to know that the speed of the internet depends on many factors. In this article, we will learn about how to increase network speed in airtel.

3 Solutions to Increase Network Speed in Airtel 4G

This 3-step guide will help you improve airtel internet speed.

airtel internet speed

#1 Checking your Airtel 4G Real-time internet speed

If the speed of your mobile internet is fluctuating i.e. you experience good speed at times and the internet is super slow other times, you might be living in some low network area. First, check your speed and analyze the problem.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check the speed of the internet.

  • Open the mobile browser.
  • Search for
  • It will take a few seconds to show your upload and download speed.

Repeat the step 2-3 times from different locations in your home. If the results are similar and you observe a good upload and download speed, then it means that other factors are affecting the speed of the network.

Two most of the common reasons that make airtel net slow are:

Mobile Phone’s condition

If you are running the internet on an old mobile phone with an old Android version, low RAM and storage, it could make the airtel internet slow.

Network Type

If your handset is 4G enabled but doesn’t support LTE, chances of low-speed increase.

Low signal strength

Most smartphones lack good strength which results in slow internet.

APN settings

The internet proxy provided by the company offers good strength. Using any other medium may decrease your speed.

#2 Checking Airtel Towers

A very major factor that determines the speed of your internet is the location of Airtel Towers. Towers offer a good range up to a specific area only. After that, the speed decreases and you might face hurdles.

There is one simple way that can help you locate the position of the tower. Visit the Open Network Page of airtel. Add your location and it will show the number of towers installed at the location.

#3 Checking your Mobile’s Network Speed

The network settings of your mobile play a key role in determining the speed of your network. If you have been playing with the APN settings of your phone, then it’s time to restore it to normal.

Simply go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.

You will find three dots on the right corner of the screen, Tap on it. Now, select Reset to default options to restore the original airtel 4G network settings.

Even if you want to add the best APN settings manually, you can do it as the details are provided below.

You can also call the customer care centre for further guidance.

Pro Tip for Airtel 4G Slow Speed Solution

This tip is especially for those who experience an overall good speed most of the time but it becomes slow sometimes. Using the Flight Mode option at such times can be your saviour. Simply turn on Flight mode, wait for a few seconds and turn it off. Once you do that you will observe a sudden surge in the internet speed.

This trick works like a miracle. You can try it anytime to improve airtel internet speed.

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