Top 10 Facts About Hwang Yeji ITZY

Yeji is a popular rapper, singer, and dancer from South Korea. She is one of the members of the ITZY group introduced by JYP Entertainment. She is not only a member of the group but also the leader of the group. She cleared the JYP Entertainment audition in the year 2016, and became the official trainee of the K-pop company. During her training, she appeared in two popular television series “Stray Kids the Series” and “The Fan”. It was due to these series she gained the attention of the public. It was on 20th January when she was declared as one of the members of the group officially, and she made a debut with the group on 12th February through a single album “ITz Different”.

Top 10 Facts About Hwang Yeji ITZY

Want to know more about this beautiful K-pop star? Here are some interesting facts about Yeji that you might find exciting.

#1 Yeji was born on 26th May 2000 in Seoul, however, she was brought up in Jeonju, South Korea.

#2 She joined JYP as a trainee in the year 2016, and in 2017, she was seen in Stray Kids, a survival show.

#3 She is very close to Lee Daehwi from Wanna One, and Bang Chan.

#4 Her favorite food is chocolate and snacks while her favorite color is black.

#5 She is very fond of dogs and hence, has a puppy pet named Hongsam and a dog named Isnam.

Hwang Yeji

#6 Her rank on TC Candler’s show “100 Most Beautiful Faces 2019” was 86th.

#7 At the age of nearly 8 years, Yeji suffered from 3 deadly diseases including sepsis, osteomyelitis, and pneumonia due to which she was admitted to the hospital for nearly one year.

#8 Along with Ryujin, Yeji also received her driving license for “Not Shy” comeback.

#9 In the year 2015, Yeji worked in a cameo in “Twenty Again”, a drama telecasted on tvN.

#10 In the year 2018 she was seen participating in “The Fan”, one of the memorable reality competition series on SBS, however, she got eliminated in the fifth episode. During this show, she was also named “JYP’s Secret Weapon” by Junho from 2PM.

Apart from all these, Hwang Yeji also owns two teddy bears whom she has named Dolmin and Dolee. Her English name is Lucy Hwang and she has an older sister too. The group has also voted Yeji as the best dancer of the group.

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