Top 10 Facts About Huening kai

TXT is a group formed with various talented idols. And Huening Kai is one of them. Born on 14th August 2002, Kai is the visual, rapper, dancer, vocalist, and Maknae of the group. His birth name is Kai Kamal Huening, while his stage name is Huening Kai. The zodiac sign of Kai is Leo while his fandom name is Ningdungie. Kai is from a family with famous relatives as his father is an actor and singer, while his sisters are also a part of the Kpop world.

Top 10 Facts About Hueningkai

Are you interested to know in detail about this new K-pop sensation? Here are the top 10 facts about Huening Kai.

#1 The father of Huening Kai worked as a singer and an actor in China for nearly 10 years and can fluently speak all four languages including Korean, Chinese, English, and Portuguese.

#2 Huening Kai is the first international artist of the Big Hit group as his mother is Korean while his father is an American of German descent. Hence, Huening Kai is a Chinese-American born in Hawaii and his nationality isn’t completely clear.

#3 According to the rumors, one of the sisters of Huening Kai is also a member of VIVA, a Kpop group, while the other sister is a member of the Kep1er group.

#4 The hobby of Huening Kai is playing various musical instruments. He can very well play instruments like the flute, the drums, the guitar, and the piano as he is dedicated to music from a very young age.

#5 Similar to his father, Huening Kai can fluently speak languages like English, Korean, Portuguese, and Mandarin. Hence, he is a polyglot.

Huening kai

#6 Kai is very fond of pizza and seafood. As his favorite fruit is pineapple, he enjoys having a pizza with pineapple in it. He also loves eating bread.

#7 The representative animal and flower of Kai are the leopard gecko and Icelandic poppy respectively.

#8 Kai initially studied at the Yongmun Middle School and Lila Art High School. However, later in the year 2019, he got transferred to the Hanlim Multi Art School.

#9 According to Kai, he is a unicorn. He is a scared cat, however, he loves to watch horror movies.

#10 Some of the nicknames of Kai are diamond maknae, Ning Ning, and Hyuka.

Huening kai carries an amazing personality along with dazzling charisma. This cute and kind artist has successfully conquered MOA. Again, this artist is also admired for his wonderful and exceptional visuals.

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