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Do You want to read Hosadigantha epaper online? Hosadigantha is one of the most trusted kannada newspaper. It is not so popular newspaper but growing faster. Hosadigantha newspaper is just 10 year old newspaper and it is known as Center right leaning newspaper from Karnataka. ePaper of Hosadigantha news paper is available in PDF here to download and read online.

Students who are preparing for Competitive exams or people who do not have access to physical paper of the Hosadigantha newspaper can read it online here.

ನೀವು ಎಸ್‌ಎಸ್‌ಸಿ, ಯುಪಿಎಸ್‌ಸಿ, ಬ್ಯಾಂಕ್ ಉದ್ಯೋಗಗಳು ಅಥವಾ ಕೆಪಿಎಸ್‌ಸಿ ಪರೀಕ್ಷೆಗಳಂತಹ ಯಾವುದೇ ಸ್ಪರ್ಧಾತ್ಮಕ ಪರೀಕ್ಷೆಗಳಿಗೆ ತಯಾರಿ ನಡೆಸುತ್ತಿದ್ದರೆ ಹೊಸದಿಗಂತ ಪತ್ರಿಕೆಯನ್ನು ಓದುವುದು ನಿಮ್ಮ ಪ್ರಸ್ತುತ ಜ್ಞಾನ ಮತ್ತು ಸಾಮಾನ್ಯ ಜ್ಞಾನವನ್ನು ಸುಧಾರಿಸಲು ಸಹಾಯ ಮಾಡುತ್ತದೆ. ಹೊಸದಿಗಂತ ಪತ್ರಿಕೆಯ ವಿಶ್ಲೇಷಣೆಯನ್ನು ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಓದಬಹುದು.

How To Download ePaper Hosadigantha Kannada Newspaper?

To Download epaper version of Hosadigantha newspaper, you need to follow the below mentioned Steps.

  • Firstly, just open open your phone browser or laptop’s browser (like google chrome or mozilia firefox).
  • After that, you need to go to the official website of epaper Hosadigantha, thats epaper.Hosadigantha.com.
  • Here, you can select the date of the newspaper you need to download PDF or read online.
  • After selecting the date and edition, you can see the current edition on your screen.
  • Here, you can download it in PDF and save it in your google drive.

So, after following above steps, you can read the Hosadigantha epaper daily online.

About Hosadigantha Kannada Newspaper

Hosadigantha or Hosa Digantha ePaper is one of the most popular newspaper in Karnataka. It is available in all over karnataka with Mangalore, Bangalore, Hubli, Shimoga editions. Hosadigantha publishing daily news since 27th March, 2011. It was inaugurated by then Ex – CM Mr. B. S. Yediyurappa.

Hosadigantha epaper
Hosadigantha epaper

About :- Hosadigantha Newspaper provides positive news across Karnataka and have very positive tagline “Rashtra Jaguritya Dainika”. It publishes from Mangalore, Bangalore, Hubli, Shimoga and all other major cities of Karnataka. It was launched 10-11 years back but since than its very popular newspaper in Karnataka.

Language :- Kannada.

Political Alignment :- Right.

Region – South India.

Price – Free.

Editor :- Vinayak Muroor.

Website :- Hosadigantha.com

Daily Publications :- 10,00,000+

Format :- Broadsheet.

FAQs Related to Hosadigantha Epaper

Why Hosadigantha is the most trust worthy newspaper in Karnataka?

Hosadigantha is not that popular like Kannada Prabha or Prajavani newspaper, but slowly it is growing and have good readership.

Which are other best newspaper in Kannada Language?

There are other newspaper like Vijay karnataka, Vijayavani, Prajavani, Udayavani, Kannada Prabha etc.

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