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Girl crush is one of the most famous South Korean bands comprising four members. Initially, the girl crush Kpop started as a dance performance group but it was in 2019 on the 8th of April when the band officially made its debut as a musical group. Their debut single came to be known as ‘Memories’. Later on, in 2020 on 2nd December, it was announced by DAM Entertainment that they are hosting auditions. At the same time, the group went on to remove Yo-na from their group.

Further on, in the year 2021 1st February, it was finally unveiled that DAM Entertainment has ended its contract with Girl Crush band and the group has no intention of renewing them. Also, it was decided that Bomi, Zia, and Taeri will be staying in the group under the group’s name ‘Girl Crush’ but Yo-na decided to leave the group. Later on, on the 4th of February, it was decided that a new member will be introduced to the group and subsequently it was decided that the stage name of the new member would be Yuka.

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Girl Crush Zodiac sign

Teari 29th March 1994 29 5’7” 48 KG Aries
Zia 9th June 1995 28 5’4” 44 KG Gemini
Bomi 12th March 1996 27 5’5” 47 KG Taurus
Hayun 12th November 2005 18 5’6” 47 KG Scorpio

Girl Crush Member’s Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

The active four members of Girl Crush are as follows:-

girl crush


Though her stage name is Bomi, her birth name is said to be Jeong Bomi and in the group, she plays the role of the visual, main dancer as well as the main rapper. She was born in 1996 on the 12th of May which means as of now she is 27 years old. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. In terms of her physical appearance, she stands a solid 164 cm tall whereas her weight is 45 kg and in terms of her blood type, it is B. One of her many specialties is said to be gracefulness in her dance.


Zia is her stage name, her birth name stands to be Ryu Jia she is not only the leader but also the main vocalist of the group. She was born in 1995 on the 9th of June and her height stands to be around 163 cm tall. This girl’s crush’s age is 28 years. In terms of her zodiac sign, she is a Gemini and weighs around 44 kg. Furthermore, her blood type is said to be A. in terms of her personal information, Zia specializes in singing as well as in doing makeup.


the real name of this Girl Crush band is Jeong Taeri and she shoulders the responsibility of a sub-vocalist as well as the lead dancer. She was born in 1994 on the 29th of March and her zodiac sign is Aries. Her age is 29 years old. In terms of her physical appearance, she stands a solid 170 cm tall and her weight is 48 kg. Given her height, this band member is named to be the tallest member of the group. Furthermore, Taeri’s blood type is said to be A. few of her specialists include acting and computer programming.


The full name of this member is Kwon Yujin. She is one of the Girl Crush members who is the maknae of her group and was born on 2005 12th of November. This means as of now age is 18 years old. When it comes to her physical appearance, she is around 48 kg in terms of her weight whereas her height is said to be somewhere around 168cm tall. Hayun’s nationality is Korean as she was born and brought up in Sihueng, Gyeonggi-do of South Korea.

Apart from this, the information about the former members is as follows:-


The birth name of this former member is Go Yo Na and in the band, she was playing the role of the maknae and the lead vocalist. Apart from this, she was born in 1997 on the 12th of February. As of now, she is 25 years. Her zodiac sign is termed to be Aquarius whereas her height and weight are said to be 164 cm and 52 kg respectively.


The birth name of Seihee is not known yet. In terms of her birth, she was born on the 25th of October 1995 and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Her age is 27 years. When it comes to her physical standards, she stands 167 cm tall and her weight is said to be around 48 kg. apart from this, her blood type is said to be A.


Finally, Girl crush kpop decided to sign a contract with a new agency known as HW Entertainment. However, on 18th May 2022, Yuka announced her departure from the group. Later on, Hayun started as a trainee before joining the group since she was underage and after rigorous training and reaching legal age, she officially became a member of the group.

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