(G)I-dle Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2023

Currently, K-pop stars have emerged as musical sensations. Everyone is eager to listen to the next and upcoming music albums. And when it comes to Korean musical groups, (G)I-dle is one of the most popular groups of South Korean multi-national girls in the list.

(G)I-dle Kpop Band

G(Idle) is a group of five South Korean multi-national girls that came into existence under Cube Entertainment. They made their debut on 2nd May 2018 with their mini-album “I AM”, and the title tracks were “Latata.” In a short time period, the track ruled the hearts of various music lovers and it ranked in the 13th position and 7th position on Gaon Album Chart and Billboard’s World Albums Chart respectively. After one year, they came up with another hit album “I MADE” in February 2019. From this album, the track “Uh-Oh” got the 22nd position on the list of NetEase Cloud Music China. Finally, in July 2019, the group got their very first chance to perform at the KCON event that takes place in the United States.

The name of the group is (G)I-DLE, in which I stands for Individuality and DLE stands for a duel which also means a group or team of six uniting together. The leader of the group Soyeon, gave this name to the group herself while composing the song with the title “Idle.” All the girls in the group are from South Korea except for Shuhua who is from Taiwan and Minnie who is from Thailand.

Initially, the group included six girl members, namely Miyeon, Soyeon, Minnie, Shuhua, Yuqi, and Soojin. However, on 14th August 2021, it was announced by Cube Entertainment that the group would now be left with only five members as Soojin would have to leave the group. The reason behind this was the controversies associated with the artist who was on a break since the month of March after online posts of her bullying other school students.

(G)I-dle Kpop Profile – (G)I-dle Kprofile

(G)I-dle Members Name

(G)I-dle Age

(G)I-dle Birthday

(G)I-dle Height

(G)I-dle Weight

(G)I-dle Zodiac Sign


26 31st January 1997 161 CM (5’4”) 45 KG Aquarius


26 23rd October 19997 167 CM (5’6”) 48 KG Scorpio


25 26th August 1998 157 CM (5’2”) 44 KG Virgo


24 23rd September 1999 163 CM (5’4”) 47 KG Libra


23 6th January 2000 161 CM (5’4”) 45 KG Capricorn

(g)i-dle members

(G)I-dle Members Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Height & Weight

Are you interested in learning other essential details about the Gidle members? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Through this information, let’s explore the age, birthdate, height, weight and zodiac sign of the Gidle group members.


Miyeon was born on 31st January 1997. Hence, her age is 26 years and her western age is 25 years. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius while her Chinese zodiac sign is Ox. The height and weight of this Gidle member are 161 cm and 45 kg respectively. The position of Miyeon in the group is that of the main vocalist and visual.


According to the Gidle profile their birthdate of Minnie is 23rd October 1997. Her age is 26 years and her western age is 24 years. The zodiac sign of Minnie is Scorpio while her Chinese zodiac sign is Ox. The height of Minnie is 167 cm while her weight is 48 kg. The position of Minnie in the group is that of the main vocalist.


The birthdate of Soyeon of (G)I-dle falls on 3rd September 1998. Hence, the zodiac sign of Soyeon is Pisces while her Chinese zodiac is Tiger. Her age is 25 years while her western age is 24 years. The height of Soyeon is 164 cm while her weight is 43 kg. Soyeon is the leader of this amazing group. Again, she is also the main rapper, sub-vocalist, and the centre of the group.


Yuqi is one of the G Idle members whose birthdate falls on 26th August 1998. Her age is 24 years old while her wester age is 23 years. And her zodiac sign is Virgo while her Chinese zodiac sign is Tiger. Her height is 157 cm. And the weight of Yuqi is 45 kg. She is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper of the group. Lastly, she is also the Face of the Group.


According to the Gidle kpop profile, Shuhua is the Maknae of the group. Her age is 23 years while her western age is 22 years. As her birthdate is 23rd September 1999. The height and weight of Shuhua are 162 cm and 43 kg respectively. The zodiac sign of Shuhua is Virgo while her Chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit. The position of this kpop girl in the group is a sub-vocalist and visual.

Following the G Idle profile, the Kpopping rank of this group is 26th. The Fandom name of this group is NEVERLAND while the fandom colors are Neon-red and Chic-Violet. Till date, the group has given around 20 successful albums and has won a total of 36 awards including MCountdown, Show Champion, Inkigayo, and many more.

What is fandom name of GIdle?

GIdle's Fandom name is NEVERLAND.

Who is Most Popular Member of GIdle?

Miyeon, who plays Main Vocalist and Visuals, is the Most Popular Member of GIdle.

Why Soojin Left the GIdle Kpop Band?

Soojin, had big controversy, she bullied other students of the school, after that she had to resign from the GIdle Group.

The group has a fan following page on nearly eight social media platforms along with their official website including Japan. The official website also contains all the details about their upcoming shows along with the dates.

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