Top 10 Facts About Felix Lee

Lee is one of the members of Stray Kids, one of the South Korean boys’ groups of pop performers, introduced by JYP Entertainment. Lee was born on 15th September 2000 in Sydney, Australia. Felix’s zodiac sign is Virgo while his Chinese zodiac is Dragon. His actual name of Lee is Lee Yong-Bok, while his stage name is Felix. Before joining the group, Lee was also eliminated from Mnet’s Stray Kids episode number 8 on 5th December, however, he rejoined again in episode 9.

Top 10 Facts About Felix Lee

Are you a huge fan of Lee? Here are the top 10 interesting facts about Lee you might be interested to learn about.

#1 Lee has studied at St. Patrick’s Marist College, one of the best Catholic private schools in Sydney.

#2 Lee is a Catholic and can also speak English. He is learning and enjoying the Korean language, however, he thinks it is a difficult language.

#3 Lee has won various medals in Taekwondo, and he also holds a 3rd-degree black belt in it.

#4 Lee loves the winter and autumn seasons, while his favorite sport is soccer. He also likes black color and his favorite artist from overseas is Ariana Grande.

#5 As Lee loves music, he is passionate about becoming a singer.

Felix Lee

#6 According to the staff and other members of the Stray group, Lee hated it when someone called him Yongbok, his Korean name. However, later he got used to it and he started liking it too.

#7 Lee loves to listen to Logic, Joey BadAss, and Kenrick, and he also enjoys watching action and comedy movies.

#8 Lee has already lived in a dorm for around 8 months becoming a massage therapist, while in the previous dorm he shared the room with Woojin and Changbin.

#9 Lee ranks 43rd in the list of “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”, by TC Candler.

#10 On his vacation, Lee loves to go on trips with the members of the Stray group.

Felix Lee was born to a Korean couple, however, as he was born in Sydney, he knows how to speak English very well. Lee also has older and younger sisters named Rachel and Olivia respectively. Some other nicknames of Lee are Bbajikseu, Bbijikseu, Jikseu, and Bbujikseu. Before joining the group, Lee had taken training in music for one year. According to Lee, his freckles are his charming point, while his motto is “Just a little braver”.

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