ENHYPEN Members Age, Birthday, Height & Weight 2022

“One! Two! Connect! Hi we are ENHYPEN!”

Does this remind you of something or someone? Yes, this phrase is used by the group of seven boys from South Korea ENHYPEN. The group was formed by Belift Lab. The group name describes a meaning that just as a hyphen is used for connecting two different words for making a new word or meaning, the members will discover, grow, and connect with each other or all together.

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How many members are in ENHYPEN?

ENHYPEN is a group of South Korean boys who are capturing the hearts of their fans through amazing pop music. The group consists of seven members. The names of the members of ENHYPEN are Jungwon, Jake, Jay, Heeseung, Niki, Sunoo, and Sunghoon. The group of seven members was formed through the I-LAND reality show. The group was established by BELIFT LAB under the joint label by CJ E&M Entertainment formerly known as BigHit Entertainment and HYBE. The official fandom name of the group is ENGENE.

When did ENHYPEN debut?

As per ENHYPEN profile, the group made its debut on 30th November 2020 through the title track “Given-Taken” from the mini-album “BORDER: DAY ONE”. The band or members participated in I-LAND, a reality show and won the show on 18th September 2020. The members were then announced as a group after their victory and the band was named ENHYPEN. Out of the eight members in the group, six members were selected by the global viewers of the reality show while Sunoo was selected by Bang Si Hyuk, the producer of the show as well as by DOOBU, Pdogg, Wonderid, and Son Sung Deuk, the directors of the show.

The group doesn’t have any official or fixed position in the group except the leader. Each member of the band carries an aim of being able to successfully play all the group positions with high quality. The group made a Japanese debut on 6th July 2021 through a single track “Border: Hakanai” in which the opening theme of Re-Main was a great hit including other Japanese tracks like “Let me in”, “Given-Taken”, and “Forget me not”. On 16th January 2022, the group announced their very first fictional webtoon series named “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar”.

What is the age, birthdate, height and weight of the ENHYPEN group?

As per the ENHYPEN kpop details or profile, here are the accurate details of the members like their birthdate, age, ENHYPEN height, and weight.

ENHYPEN Members Name


ENHYPEN Birthday



ENHYPEN Zodiac Signs


20 15 October 2001 183 CM 64 KG Libra


20 20 April 2002 180 CM 60 KG Taurus


19 15 November 2002 178 CM 58 KG Scorpio


19 8 December 2002 181 CM 62 KG Sagittarius


18 24 June 2003 177 CM 60 KG Cancer


18 9 February 2004 175 CM 58 KG Aquarius


16 9 December 2005 183 CM 63 KG Sagittarius

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Heeseung was born on 15th October 2001. His age is 20 years. His height is 183cm and his weight is 64kg. His zodiac sign is Libra and his Chinese sign is Snake. And his position in the group is a vocalist and a dancer.


Jay’s birthdate falls on 20th April 2002. His age is 19 years and his zodiac sign is Taurus and his Chinese sign is Horse. The height and weight of Jay are 180 cm and 60 kg respectively. His position in the group is a vocalist, a rapper, and a dancer.


Jake is a Scorpio by zodiac sign, this ENHYPEN birthdays is on 15th November 2002. His age is 19 years. His height is 178cm and weight is 58kg and the Chinese sign is Horse. Jake’s position in the group is a vocalist, rapper, and dancer.


Sunghoon was born on 8th December 2002. His age is 19 years and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius and his Chinese sign is Horse. His height is 181cm while his weight is 62kg. His position in the group is of a dancer and a vocalist.


Sunoo celebrates his birthdate on 24th June 2003. His age is 18 years and his zodiac sign is Cancer and his Chinese sign is Goat. The height and weight of Sunoo are 177 cm and 60 kg. The position of Sunoo in the group is of a dancer and a vocalist.


Jungwon was born on 9th February 2004. His age is 17 years and his zodiac sign is Aquarius and his Chinese sign is Monkey. His height is 175cm while his weight is 58kg. The position of Jungwon is a vocalist and a dancer. However, apart from all these, Jungwon is also the leader of the group.


Niki’s age is 16 years as he was born on 9th December 2005. The height and weight of Niki is 175cm and 58kg respectively. His zodiac sign is Aquarius while his Chinese sign is Rooster. His position in the group is of a vocalist, dancer, and Maknae.

Hence, considering the ENHYPEN ages, the age group of the members is between 16 to 20 years.

All the ENHYPEN group members have also gone under a professional training period.

What is Debut Date of ENHYPEN group?

30 November 2020, is when the Debut of the ENHYPEN group. On July 6, 2021, they made their Japanese debut.

Total How many members are in ENHYPEN?

The ENHYPEN kpop Group have 7 members as of now.

Age of ENHYPEN members

The Youngest Member of the ENHYPEN group is Niki, who is leader of ENHYPEN group is just 16 year old, While Heeseung is the oldest member of the group wit 21 year of age.

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