Engmode – MTK Engineering Mode Codes 2023

Engineering Mode often goes by the name Engmode. Usually, it is an additional advanced menu that is usually found on most Android devices. However, Engmode is not the same as the other basic phone settings. It is observed that multiple functions, as well as settings that fall under Engineering Mode, are not accessible through any kind of standard mobile settings or apps. Apart from this, the Engmode or Engineering Mode is often used for conducting multiple performance tests as well as modifications.

Engmode – List of engineering mode code

The list of engineering mode code for android for multiple phone models are mentioned below:-

LG Engineering Mode Code

In terms of access code, it is found that the Engineer mode has a lot of bugs in it. Furthermore, it keeps on differing across the LG brand models. In the majority of the cases, the individual needs to enter *3845# following up with the model number and the # sign. In a nutshell, one needs to enter 3845#modelnumber#.

Realme Engineering Mode Code

On most of the Realme phones, the Engineering code that needs to be entered is *2767*3855#.

Oppo Engineering Mode Code

The Oppo Engineering Mode Code is *#0011#.

Sony Engineering Mode Code

There are originally two codes through which you can access the Sony model Smartphone engineering mode and they are as follows:-

  1. *#*4636#*#*
  2. *#*7378423#*#*

Huawei Engineering Mode Code

The simple code that will help in accessing the majority of the Huawei Engineering mode is *#*#2846579259#*#*.

Xiaomi (Mi) Engineering Mode Code

For the Engineering mode code for (Mi) smartphones, the code that needs to be entered here is *#*#6484#*#*.

Samsung Engineering Mode Code

To gain access to the Engineering mode code on the Samsung devices, you need to dial the Samsung Engineer mode code that is *#0011#.

Redmi Engineering Mode Code

For the Redmi Engineering mode code, the individual needs to enter the code *#6484#*#* or *#*#3646633#*#*.

How to use engmode?

The engmode can be used for several purposes, some of which are as follows:-

Boosting the device’s audio

If you feel that your phone’s audio is not as loud as it should be then you must know it depends on several factors. To tweak it, you may seek the engineering model of your phone to make some changes in the default audio settings thereby increasing the audio output to some level.

Changing the LTE band and other network settings

One of many reasons why the engineering mode should be used is that it greatly helps in enhancing the network speed of the phone. Thus, engineer mode helps in accessing the networking settings and through this, you will be able to achieve high-speed internet.

Customization of hardware and the camera settings

Under this, you will gain the access to perform some tweaking in the default hardware settings of your phone so that the performance of your device can be enhanced to a greater level. Furthermore, the users are also liable to make some enhancements as well as improvements in the graphics as well.

Increasing the Wi-Fi range and signal

Another use of engineering mode is that you can easily tweak the default band of the Wi-Fi so that the range of WiFi can be greatly improved along with its signal strength. Since here the setting will be somehow unavailable under the normal standard setting. You can easily avail using the engineer mode so that the SSD can be accessed and do some tweaking to the band settings of the phone.

Bluetooth Customization

The engineering mode is found helpful in boosting the Bluetooth reception quality as well as the strength. Through this mode, you will gain the liberty to not enhance the performance but also perform multiple tests for instance TX-only tests.

Engineering mode: Mediatek

It has been found that there are several devices where the Media Tek process can be found. Here, the manufacturer will decide on how to dive deep into the engineering model. Thus, to activate the MediaTek engineering mode code, you need to on the build number about 7 times which you may find in the settings so that the developer options can be activated.

A notification will then pop up after the button is clicked 7 times which will confirm that the developer options are now enabled. Thus, you will now gain access to the engineering through the developer mode which is only available on the MediaTek processors.

Just in case this fails to work, you can seek the help of the below-mentioned MTK Engineer Mode Codes to gain access to the engineer mode:-

  • *#59#
  • *#110*01#
  • *#22458#*
  • *#35789#*
  • *#3646633*#
  • *#3698741#


Thus, these are everything that was there to know regarding the Engineering Mode Code. Now that you have all the information that you need, you are all set to proceed to use it on your device.

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