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Do you want to download BSNL Salary slip? When it comes to the variety of telecom companies in India, BSNL is one of the famous and the leading public sector as it has a huge number of employees that are currently working for them. Since there are many users of this telecom company, inevitably there will be hundreds and thousands of employees that are working for them which is the very reason why the employees should be free to check their confidential information without much hassle. Provided that the workforce is in mass, the HR work body will relatively take a lot of work just to perform basic actions such as assessing the basic information.

According to the reports recorded in 2019, the employees of the BSNL were around 70,216. This alone can justify that the mass of the employee right now must be touching the sky. This is why BSNL itself has modified a portal for its employees for self-care and this very portal is termed to be BSNL ERP SAP network portal. This very ERP BSNL portal self-service software of BSNL will enable the respective employees to both view and manage their payroll along with the correspondence HR information. Here, every employee of the company will have their unique account along with their login information.

Employee HRMS Portal

If you are an employee of the HRMS portal, you can perform the below-mentioned tasks to get access to the BSNL ESS portal:-

  • Payroll information can be viewed at a time of convenience.
  • Payslips can be easily downloaded and printed.
  • They can apply for leaves.
  • View their Income Tax details.
  • Apply VRS.
  • An employee can update their personal information.
  • The employee will have all day and night access to their information.

HRMS Employee: Registration process

To register in the portal, the employees need to get their username and password credentials. Once the employees are verified, their database will be uploaded to the server of the portal. The username, as well as password, can be easily obtained by following the below steps:-

  • As soon as an employee gets recruited. A new HRMS number is provided which later becomes the user ID for the portal of ERP or SAP ESS.
  • The SSA ERP Nodal Officer will obediently allot the HRMS number after the hiring process is done.
  • After this, the employee can access the ERP ESS portal. It can be done while ignoring the first digit of HRMS ad using the ret as the default password.

HRMS Employee: Login procedure

As soon as the employee is provided with the username and password. The below steps are to be followed to login into the portal:-

  • Open the official portal of ESS portal BSNL.
  • Enter the username and password wherever asked.
  • Tap on the login button for signing in.
  • Successful users will be redirected to the respective profile immediately.
  • After a successful login, the users need to change the password for security purposes.

Things Required to Download BSNL Salary Slip

If the employee wants to check the salary slip on the portal, the following things are required beforehand:-

  • User id.
  • Password.
  • Internet Connection.
  • The device with a browser such as Google Chrome so that the portal can be accessible.

How to Download BSNL Salary Slip in HRMS?

Now, for downloading the slip, the below steps are to be followed through the HRMS employee login app:

  • On the browser, through the HRMS employee login. The employee needs to log in to the SAP ESS portal of the telecom employees. It has to be done by visiting the link.
  • As soon as the login page appears on the screen, enter the HRMS number as the password and username.
  • Here, you will be redirected to the Employee’s page where one has to click on the Employee self-service option.
  • The user hence will be redirected to a page that will display the services that are provided. For instance, their pay leaves, claims, expenses, and personal information.
  • At this step, the user needs to tap on the ‘pay information’. By clicking on it information such as EPF details, salary statement, and salary summary can be viewed.
    download BSNL Salary Slip
  • Here, the user needs to tap on the Salary statement of the specific month for which the salary slip is required. After that finally, finish off the process by tapping on submit.
  • If the user wants to get the slip on his email he needs to enter his email.
    BSNL Salary Slip

Thus, through the above-mentioned process, the users can easily download the salary slips for a single month. In addition to this collection of months according to their convenience through the very portal of BSNL ERP login.

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