How to Hide or Delete Shaadi account/Profile? – Step by Step Guide

Are you done with this matrimonial site? Want to delete your profile or hide it? Here is our tutorial to hide or delete your profile from India’s number one matrimonial site. Check out below steps to delete your profile now. We have provided detail guide for the same.

What is

Shaadi. Com is India’s number one matrimonial site, which helps the eligible bachelors to find the perfect match for them. Earlier it was known as but later due to well marketing research, they changed it too offers premium as well as free match offer. You can make your profile on and get your perfect match based on your preference.

How to Hide or delete your profile?

If you have found your match or life partner with or without or you are no more interested to use or you are fed up with multiple notifications and SMS from and want to delete your profile. Here is tutorial for the same.

Here is guide to delete your profile,

  • Firstly, you need to login to your profile.
  • If you have forgot your password, you can click on forgot password and retrieve your profile password online.
  • login shaadi com
  • After logged in your profile, go to home page of your profile.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the website and click on Account settings.
  • delete shaadi profile
  • Under account settings, you will find option to hide or delete your profile.
  • shaadi com delete
  • You can either choose hide profile or delete profile.
  • Click on hide/delete button, it will ask for reconfirmation.
  • delete profile shaadi
  • You can mention your cause/reason to delete or skip it.
  • Click on Yes button and done! Your shaadi/com profile is deleted now permanently.


Please note: – if you click on permanently delete your profile option, you won’t able to get your profile back. And if you wish or have planned to re-activate your profile again in sometime, you can hide it for while.

If you choose hide profile option, you can retrieve back your profile again.

If you have followed above steps correctly, your shaadi/com profile is either deleted successfully or hidden from public access.

FAQs related to Shaadi COM

Q: – When was founded?

Answer :- The shaadi/com was founded in 1997 by Anupam mittal. In 1999 year, the shaadi/com’s name was changed from

Q: – Is used in India only?

Answer: – No, shaadi/com is also available In Bangladesh, Pakistan apart from India. Basically, they are targeting Asia pacific.

Q: – How many users have shaadi/com currently?

Answer: – As on 2011, they had 20 million users, by 2020 year end it was 35 million active users.

Q: – I followed all the above steps, yet I am not able to delete my shaadi/com profile, what to do?

Answer: – if you still need help, you can call the customer care, they will help you out to delete your shaadi com profile online for free.

Hope our tutorial guide has helped you to delete your profile. For more help, you can comment below now.

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